London Transport (Red Central Area Buses)
EFE 36501 - AEC Routemaster RM OOC OM41703 - OOC Leyland RTW
See also the London Transport Country Area Fleet Focus page.
Models are listed by class type with the oldest being shown first.
This list only includes vehicles with London Transport fleet names or legal lettering.
Vehicles from the later London Buses company will be listed in due course.
Vehicle Class Quick Links
B - Bristol Utility
BL - Bristol LH
CR - Leyland Cub
D - Daimler Utility
DMO - Diamler Fleetline
D,DM, DMS - Daimler Fleetline
FRM - Front Entrance Routemaster
G - Guy Arab I
G - Guy Arab II
G - Guy Arab III
LS - Leyland National Mark I
LS - Leyland National Mark II
LT - LT Scooter Double Deck
LT - LT Scooter Single Deck
M - MCW Metrobus
MB, MMS, MBA - AEC Merlin
MD - Scania Metropolitan
RCL - Long Routemaster Coach
RF - AEC Regal IV
RLH - AEC Regent III Lowbridge
RM - Routemaster Prototypes
RM - AEC Routemaster
RM - Routemaster Open Top
RMA - Front Entrance Routemaster
RML - Long Routemaster Bus
RMF - Front Entrance Routemaster
RT - Pre-war
RT - Post War Roof Box
RT - Cravens 5 Bay
RT - Post War
RT - Open Top

RTL - Leyland PD2 Roof Box
RTL - Leyland PD2
RTW - Leyland PD2
SM, SMD, SMS - AEC Swift
STD - Leyland Titan TD4
SRT - AEC Regent II
ST - AEC Regent I
STL - AEC 661 Roof Box
STL - AEC 661
T - AEC Regal 10T10
T - Leyland Titan
TD - Leyland Tiger
V - Volvo Aslia
XA - Leyland Atlantean
-- - Service Vehicles

  Range / Thumbnail Cat No. Nearside Advert / Notes Fleet No. Registration Route No. / Destination Depot (code) Released
Trams - Feltham Double Deck Tram
LT - AEC Renown Double Deck Bus
LT - AEC Renown Single Deck Bus
ST - AEC Regent I ST Double Deck Bus
STL - AEC STL without Roofbox
STL - AEC STL with Roofbox
STD - Leyland STD
T - AEC Regal 10T10 Bus
CR - Leyland Cub Single Deck Bus
Q - AEC Q Double Deck Bus
Q - AEC Q Single Deck Bus
Trolleybuses - AEC Q1 Trolleybus
RT - Roof Box Pre-war AEC Regent 2RT2
G - Guy Arab I Utility
G - Guy Arab II Utility
G - Guy Arab III Park Royal
D - Daimler CW Utility
B - Bristol K Utility
RT - Roof Box Post War AEC Regent RT3 (original casting)
RT - Post War AEC Regent RT3 Cravens 5 Bay Body
RT - Post War AEC Regent RT3 (original casting)
RT - Post War AEC Regent RT3 (Re-tooled casting)
RT - Open Top Post War AEC Regent RT3 (original casting)
TD - Leyland Tiger Bus
SRT - AEC Regent II (original casting)
RF - AEC Regal IV Bus
RTL - Leyland Titan PD2/7RT
RTL - Roof Box Leyland Titan PD2/7RT
RTW - Leyland Titan PD2/7RT
RLH - Lowbridge Weymann bodied AEC Regent III
RM - AEC Routemaster Prototype
RM AEC Routemaster - Early radiator & non-opening upper deck front windows
RM - AEC Routemaster - Later radiator & opening upper deck front windows
RM - AEC Routemaster Open Top
RMA - AEC Routemaster Short Front Entrance
RML - AEC Routemaster
RCL - AEC Routemaster Long Coach
RMF - AEC Routemaster Long Front Entrance
XA - Leyland Atlantean Park Royal
FRM 1 - Front Entrance Routemaster
MB / MBA / MBS - AEC Merlin Single & Dual Door
SM / SMS / SMD - AEC Swift Single & Dual Door
DMS - Daimler/Leyland Fleetline
DMS - Leyland Fleetline B20
OM - BMMO D9 Double Deck Bus
MD - Scania MCW Metropolitan
DMO - Alexander bodied Daimler Fleetline
LS - Short Leyland National Mark I
BL - Bristol LH ECW
M - MCW Metrobus
T - Leyland Titan Dual Door
LS - Short Leyland National Mark II
V - Volvo Aslia B55 Mark III Alexander Double Deck Bus
Service Vehicles
  Range / Thumbnail Cat No. Vehicle Description Fleet No. Registration Signage Colour Released