Prevous Model Short Leyland National Mark I Bus (Dual Door / Short Roof Pod)
London Transport LT Golden Jubilee livery
E16611 front view E16611 rear view
Photographs show a pre-production sample & are by courtesy of Bachmann Europe PLC
Fleet No.LS194 RegistrationTHX 194S
Route No.234A DestinationPurley Old Lodge Lane
LiveryRed with white window surrounds & silver roof.
NotesModel Info: London Transport celebrated its fiftieth birthday on 1st July 1983 and in commemoration a series of Golden Jubilee events were held at various LT works and bus garages from April to October 1983. Nearly twenty LT vehicles received Golden Jubilee liveries, several in an attractive rendition of the old pre-1933 General livery.
On 2nd/3rd July 1983 a special gala weekend was held at Chiswick and Acton Works, where the only Golden Jubilee single decker took part. Leyland National LS194 registration THX 194S allocated to Croydon Garage ran in this livery from June 1983 until the end of the year, being repainted red early in 1984.
Shown with route 234A blinds at the front, the rear triple track number blinds did not have letters and therefore 234 was displayed at the back. The original silver roof was overpainted white just prior to the Chiswick Gala.
IssuedFuture Release Release Standard
E16611 front view E16611 rear view
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