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London Transport (route 11 - Evolution of the London Bus adverts)
31510A front view 31510A rear view
Photographs kindly supplied by David Rowe
Further details can be found on the London Transport Musem Shop site.
Fleet No.RM20 RegistrationVLT 20
Route No.11 DestinationFulham Broadway
Adverts"Evolution of the London Bus" (both sides)
LiveryRed with beige between decks band, black mudguards & gold underlined fleet names.
NotesThis model is a reworking of issue 31510 and was commissioned by the London Transport Museum for sale at a road run & vehicle display which took place on the 22nd June 2014 in Central London to mark Tfl's "Year of the Bus".
A second model with the same side adverts was also produced for this event see 31503F.
IssuedJune 2014 Release The Routemasters / Code 2
31510A of-side view 31510A nearside view
31510A front view
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