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London Transport - Central Area (Route 104)
Aston Manor Transport Museum Adverts
25505A front view 25505A rear view
Fleet No.RML903 RegistrationWLT 903
Route No.104 DestinationBarnet High Street
AdvertsSide adverts - "11th July 1999 - Free Classic Bus Service Linking Aston Manor Transport Museum Aston Hall and Aston Parish Church" (near side) and "12th Annual Open Day And Vehicle Gathering - Aston Manor Transport Museum - Sunday 11th July 1999" (off-side). "See and" - "be Seen" front adverts
LiveryRed with flake grey between decks band and gold fleetnames
NotesProduced for and available at the July 1999 Aston Manor Transport Museum Open Day event. Limited edition of 312 models supplied with numbered certificates.
IssuedJuly 1999 Release Code 2 / Standard
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