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London Transport (Central Area Red / Route 277)
36002B front view 36002B rear view
Fleet No.RTL 139 RegistrationKGK 803
Route No.277 DestinationSmithfield
Adverts"TY-Phoo The Better Value Tea" (near side), "Face the future with Pearl assurance" (off-side), "Dunlop Tyres Last Longer" (rear lower) "Biro" (rear between decks) & "Westons Quality Westons Biscuits Westons" (front).
LiveryRed with beige between decks band & gold fleet names
NotesA limited edition of 360 crtificated models produced for the London Bus Preservation Trust and released at the London Bus Museum's First Members Only Open Day in July 2011.
IssuedJuly 2011 Release Code 2 / Standard
36002B Front view 36002B Rear view
36002B nearside view 36002B off-side view
36002B front & back view
36002B Supplied Certificate
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