Prevous Model Roof Box AEC STL Class Double Deck Bus
London Transport - Central Area
(Route 38A - The Flying Scottsman advert)
27812 front view 27812 rear view
Fleet No.STL2310 RegistrationEGO 371
Route No.38A DestinationLoughton Station
Adverts"British Railways - The Flying Scottsman 10a.m. Daily Kings Cross - Edinburgh British Railways" (nearside) "British Railways - To Ireland By Rail ANd Sea - Sleep Your Way In Comfort - British Railways" (off-side), "Now Half Price - Festival Pleasure Gardens" (front)
LiveryRed with biege between decks band.
NotesThe bus featured is depicted while on loan to Leyton from another garage to cover a vehicle shortage. Leyton didn't have an allocation of it's own STL vehicles.
IssuedJanuary 2011 Release Standard
27812 front view 27812 rear view
 Prevous Model