Prototype AEC Routemaster (RM) Double Deck Bus (Without Radiator Grille) Next Model
London Transport - Central Area
(Route 2 - Crystal Palace)
30201 front view 30201 rear view
Fleet No.RM1 RegistrationSLT 56
Route No.2 DestinationCrystal Palace
AdvertsSide adverts - "Weston's Quality Biscuits - 18 Million Eaten every day!" (near side) and "Schweppes Tonic - in a class by itself" (off-side). "Biro right on the ball" font adverts
LiveryRed with cream between decks band, black mudguards and gold fleetnames
NotesModel has tampo printed 'London Transport' Roundel badge on the front grille, and traffic indicator arrows on the rear.
IssuedJuly 2004 Release Standard
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