Prevous Model Leyland Titan PD1 Highbridge Roof Box STD Double Decker
London Transport - Central Area
Route 24 - LT Museum Charity Dinner & Auction 2007
20203C front view 20203C rear view
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Fleet No.STD 156 RegistrationHLW 85
Route No.24 DestinationHampstead Hth South End Green
AdvertsSide Adverts "Peter Hendy Commisioner of Transport for London" (nearside) & the Covent Garden auction & dinner 2007 supporting the new London Transport Museum" (off-side).
Front and rear adverts unknown
LiveryRed with twin cream between decks band, black mudguards and gold fleet names.
NotesThis model was produced for the London Transport Museum.
Only 76 examples of this model were produced and only 5 of these were offered to collectors by way of a charity ebay auction organised by the Friends of the LT Museum.
IssuedSeptember 2007 Release Code 2 / Standard
20203C nearside view 20203C off-side view
20203C front view 20203C back view
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