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London Transport (Route 104)
31907 front view 31907 rear view
Fleet No.RML884 RegistrationWLT 884
Route No.104 DestinationMoorgate Finsbury Square
Adverts"Black & White Scotch Whisky" (nearside) "Let British Railways or London Transport arrange your Party Outing" (off-side). "Be and be seen" (front adverts), " Pickfords for Removals" & "for Storage Pickfords" (upper rear) "SP41 Radial Ply C41 Crossply Dunlop - Give You Two Kinds Of Best" (lower rear)
LiveryRed with biege between decks band
NotesLimited edition of 1008 certificated models produced for the Routemaster Association and available to both members and model collectors via the association.
The models were supplied with a free copy of the Association's full colour 96 page "Monarch Of The Road" hardback book.
500 of these models were subsequently reworked by the Association and issued as a code 3 models with different advertisements & North Finchley destinations. See model 31907(A).
IssuedJuly 2011 Release Code 1 / standard
31907 front view 31907 rear view
31907 Front & Rear View
31907 The supplied numbered certificate
31907 Model & Free Monarch Of The Road Book
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