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London Transport (Shop Linker)
31514 front view 31514 rear view
Fleet No.RM59 RegistrationVLT 59
Route No.Fare 30p DestinationShop Linker
Adverts"Our routes pass your branches Advertise on Shop Linker with London Transport Advertising 01-836 3456" (both sides) "Advertise on Shop Linker" (lower rear)
LiveryYellow with red roof and panels below lower deck windows. Black mudguards.
NotesThis model was produced for Bachmann & was only available from their officially appointed retailers.
IssuedAugust 2016 Release Code 2 / Standard (see notes)
31514 front view 31514 rear view
31514 nearside view 31514 off-side view
31513 front view 31513 rear view
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