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London Transport (Route 81B / BEA Advert)
31503E front view 31503E rear view
Photographs kindly supplied by Adam Booth
Fleet No.RM1134 Registration134 CLT
Route No.81B DestinationLondon Airport Central
Adverts"Fly BEA Europe's foremost airline BEA" (nearside) & "B.O.A.C. takes good care of you fly by B.O.A.C." (off-side)
LiveryRed with cream between decks band & black mudguards. Gold underlined fleetnames.
NotesCommissioned by the London Transport Museum and available at the March 2011 Acton Depot Open Weekend.
IssuedMarch 2011 Release Code 2 / Standard
31503E front view 31503E Back view
31503D & 31503E released at the Spring 2011 Acton Open Weekend
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