Prevous Model Bus Set
1983 Aldenham Open Day Titan Twin Pack
Set 99938 - Box Artwork
Photographs show Bachmann Europe Plc artwork & model design cells for this forthcoming product.
Set TypeBuses Models in set2
Model 128826 - London Titan Dual Door Bus
 London Transport "General Adlenham Dipolmat" livery
Fleet Number: T66 - Registration WYV 66T - Route: 165 Hornchurch Garage
 Livery: Red with white window surrounds, black skirt & between decks band. Silver roof & gold fleet names.
Model 228827 - London Titan Dual Door Bus
 London Transport "Londonbuses Express 177" livery
Fleet Number: TE112 - Registration: CUL 112V - Route: Express 177 Not In Service
 Livery: White with red skirt and band upswept to rear.
NotesIssued as a twin pack.
IssuedFuture Release Release Type Standard
Set 99938 - Model 28826 Set 99938 - Model 28827
 Prevous Model