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London Transport - Central Area
(Route 93 - Sutton United advert)
27701A front view 27701A rear view
Fleet No.STL605 RegistrationAYV 759
Route No.93 DestinationSutton LT Garage
AdvertsSutton United v A.F.C Wimbledon Saturday 9th August 2003 - 40th Anniversary - F.A. Amateur Cup Final" side adverts and "National Service we"vre got to be prepared" (front adverts) and "Dunlop the tyres with teeth" (rear)
LiveryRed with cream window surrounds and silver roof. Black mudguards, between decks and above upper deck window bands
NotesProduced for Sutton United Football Club. Limited edition of 333 models
IssuedAugust 2003 Release Code 2 / Standard
27701A Numbered Certificate
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