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London Transport
Route 3 - British Diecast Model Toys Catalogue Adverts
15602DL front view 15602DL rear view
The picture of the certificate was kindly provided by Tony Price
Fleet No.RM2103 RegistrationALM103B
Route No.3 DestinationCrystal Palace
AdvertsSide adverts - "British Diecast Model Toys - The Christmas Gift For Dads - Catalogue - Now Available from Bookshops and Modelshops - Dinky Toys - Corgi Toys - Matchbox Toys - Lledo - Hornby Dublo - EFE - Etc" (near side) and "Swapmeet Toys And Models Ltd - John Ramsay's 5th Edition Catalogue British Diecast Model Toys" (off-side)
LiveryRed with beige between decks band and black mudguards. Gold fleetnames
NotesProduced for, and only available from the Publishers of the Ramsey's British Diecast Model Toys Catalogue.
This code 2 De-Luxe Series model is a re-working of issue 15602A.
IssuedNovember 1993 Release Code 2 / De-luxe Series
The certificate supplied with the model
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