London Transport (Green Country Area Buses)
EFE 30504B - Guy Vixen Bus OOC OM41001 - AEC Q Single Deck Bus
See also the Green Line & London Country Bus Services Fleet Focus pages.
Models are listed by class type with the oldest being shown first. (Green Line branded vehicles have been omitted)
  Range / Thumbnail Cat No. Nearside Advert / Notes Fleet No. Registration Route No. / Destination Depot (code) Released
TD - Leyland Titan TD1 (Open Staircase)
STL - Weymann Bodied AEC STL
T - AEC Regal 10T10 Bus
Q - AEC Q Double Deck Bus
Q - AEC Q Single Deck Bus
CR - Leyland Cub Single Deck Bus
RT - Roof Box Pre-war AEC Regent 2RT2
RT - Post War AEC Regent RT3 (original casting)
RT - Post War AEC Regent III (Re-tooled casting)
RT - Post War Roof Box AEC Regent III (original casting)
Bristol L ECW Bus
Bristol LS ECW Bus (Demonstrator)
Leyland Tiger Cub Sauders Roe Bus ( (Demonstrator)
TD - Bristol K Bus
RF - AEC Regal IV Bus
RTL - Leyland Titan PD2/7RT
GS - Guy Vixen ECW Bus
RLH - Lowbridge Weymann bodied AEC Regent III
RM - AEC Routemaster Prototype
(RX) - AEC Renown
RML - Long AEC Routemaster (original casting)
RML - Long AEC Routemaster (re-tooled casting)
XF - Daimler Fleetline Park Royal
MB - AEC Merlin Bus