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London Transport Central Area (Route 79 / London Bus Museum)
26410A front view 26322B rear view
Fleet No.G148 RegistrationGYE 92
Route No.79 DestinationAlperton L.T. Stn
Adverts"Cobham - London Bus Museum - Brooklands, Weybridge - The world's largest collection of working hostric buses" both sides. "Wisk Amazing New Forumla" & "Now Super Lather Wisk" front adverts. "Ripolin Paints" upper rear & "Aspro Brings Sweet Sleep" lower rear.
LiveryRed with beige between decks band & black mudguards. Gold underlined fleet names.
NotesCommissioned by the London Bus Preservation Trust and available at the Spring 2012 Gathering.
Limited edition of certificated 400 models.
IssuedApril 2012 Release Code 2 / Commissioned
26322 front view 26322 rear view
26322B Supplied Certificate
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