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London Transport
(Central Area route 76 - Walker House adverts)
26204A front view 26204A rear view
Fleet No.G8 RegistrationGLF 658
Route No.76 DestinationVictoria Dalston Waterloo
Adverts"This bus passes a Walker House - What a silly thing to do" side adverts. "News of the World - Best Sunday Paper" front adverts. "Everybody's - Every Monday" and "'Aspro' Relieves Headache" rear adverts. "India Tyres" rear offside corner advert
LiveryRed with white window surrounds and between decks band. Brown roof and black mudguards. Gold fleetnames.
NotesThis re-worked version of issue 26204 was only available to EFE Subscriber Service members via a mail order offer. Model has over painted upper deck rear window.
IssuedFebruary 2003 Release Code 1 / Standard
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