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Ensignbus (Ensign Bus Services)
(London Transport fleetnames - Sightseeing Tour adverts)
28003 front view 28003 rear view
Fleet No.DF1682 RegistrationTHM682M
Route No.-- DestinationRound London Sightseeing Tour
AdvertsSide adverts - "Round London Sightseeing Tour - Start from Piccadilly Circus, Victoria or Mable Arch", "Round London Sightseeing Tour" and "...from Piccadilly Circus,Victoria or Mable Arch" front adverts.
LiveryRed with cream window surrounds and silver roof. Thin black lining bands. Gold 'London Transport' fleetnames
NotesFour leaf entrance door.
IssuedDecember 2002 Release De-Regulation Series
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