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London Transport (Route 207)
31503B front view 31503B rear view
Fleet No.RM546 RegistrationWLT 546
Route No.207 DestinationHayes End
Adverts"Pan Am Califonia Daily non-Stop Pan Am California Daily non-stop" (nearside), "House & Flats There's always a real rind in Daltons Weekly" (off-side), "Starting Out temp with Kelly Girl" & "Between Jobs? temp with Kelly Girl" (front adverts)
LiveryRed with cream between decks band & black mudguards. Gold underlined fleetnames.
NotesModel has a "GB" sticker on the lower rear panel.
Limited edition of 390 certificated models commissioned by the London Bus Preservation Trust for the Cobham Bus Museum Open Day & Annual Vehicle Gathering in April 2009. This model is a re-working of issue 31503.
IssuedApril 2009 Release Code 2 / Standard
31503B supplied Certificate
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