EFE Zone - Model 33601A - London Transport Leyland STD Double Deck Bus
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London Transport - Central Area
(Route 3A - Watney's Brown Ale adverts)
33601A front side view 33601A rear-side view
Pictures kindly supplied by Nigel Bell & Andy Kent
Fleet No.STD 14 RegistrationDLU 324
Route No.3A DestinationCrystal Palace
Adverts"We Want Watney's Brown Ale" (both sides) and "Daily Sketch Pictures The News" and "Daily Sketch News In Pictures"(front adverts)
LiveryRed with cream window surrounds and silver roof. Black mudguards, between decks and above upper deck window bands
NotesCommissioned by and only available from the London Transport Museum in November 2007.
This model is a re-working of model 33601
IssuedNovember 2007 Release Code 2 / Standard
33601A near side view 33601A off-side view
33601A front and rear views
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