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C15610 / 15610D (15610A)
London Transport
Route 9 - British Airways Adverts
15610A front view 15610A rear view
Special thanks go to Tony Vozniak (aka tonyvoz) for supplying the above pictures and Syd Eade for the box photgraph below.
Fleet No.RM1992 Registration--
Route No.9 DestinationHammersmith Brook Green Hotel
Adverts"British Airways" side adverts
LiveryRed with beige between decks band and black mudguards. Gold fleetnames
NotesProduced for British Airways and only available at Airport Duty Free Shops.
Box labels have been found showing Ref No. as C15610 and 15610D, there have also been claims of some labels showing B15610 but I've never seen any photographic evidence of this. The model is often identified by the unofficial ref code of 15610A.
IssuedJune 1995 Release Code 2 / Standard
15610A with box Ref 15610D
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