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London Transport (On loan to Greater Manchester Transport)
Route 42 Didsbury - Pearl Assurance adverts
15608F front view 15608F rear view
Special thanks go to Tony Vozniak (aka tonyvoz) for supplying the above pictures.
Fleet No.RM1414 Registration414 CLT
Route No.42 DestinationDidsbury
AdvertsSide adverts - "Face the future with Pearl Assurance" (near side) and "Wilkinson Sword - The name on the world's finest blades" (off-side)
LiveryRed with beige between decks band and black mudguards. Gold fleetnames
NotesProduced for the Manchester Transport Museum.
This Code 2 De-Luxe Series model is a re-working of issue 15608A.
IssuedNovember 1996 Release Code 2 / De-luxe Series
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