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London Transport - Central Area
(Route 63)
E40304 front view E40304 rear view
Photographs show the final production model
Fleet No.RT1493 RegistrationKGK 752
Route No.63 DestinationHonor Oak Forest Hill Tavern
Adverts"Curtis as distilled in London since 1769" (near side), "... Hovis and butter for tea" (off-side) "John Courage" (front x2) "Wallace Heaton Ltd" (rear) & "Watch Your Step" (rear off-side corner spot)
LiveryRed with cream between decks band. Black mudguards & gold underlined fleet names.
IssuedDecember 2023 Release Standard
E40304 front view E40304 rear view
E40304 nearside view E40304 ofside view
E40304 front & rear views E40304 packagaing
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