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London Transport (Central Area - Route 213 Sutton LT Garage)
Sutton United FC advert
30004A front view 30004A rear view
Fleet No.T504 RegistrationELP 228
Route No.213 DestinationSutton LT Garage
AdvertsSide roof adverts "Sutton United FC" (near side) & "Exclusive First Editions" (off-side)
LiveryRed with beige lining around windows and black mudguards
NotesLimited edition of 312 certificated models produced for Sutton United FC. 10th Anniversary EFE Sutton United FC model. 70 of these models were re-worked with alternative Belmont destinations by L.B.R.T. and released as 30004A/1.
IssuedMay 2006 Release Code 2 / Standard
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