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London Transport
(Route 156 - Fly Delta advert)
31304 front view 31303 rear view
Fleet No.D 2599 RegistrationTHX599S
Route No.156 DestinationMorden & Merton Garage
Adverts"Fly Delta To The U.S.A. Atlanta - Florida - New Orleans - Texas" (near side), "Take the Round London Sightseeing Tour From Piccadilly Circus, Victoria or Marble Arch" (off-side) & "Go wherever you want with a Red Rover Ticket" (front & rear between decks)
LiveryRed with white upper deck window surrounds and yellow front doors.
NotesThis model has two leaf doors and "Pay Driver" wording below the windscreen.
Available only to EFE Subscriber Service Members as a New Year 2010 Model Offer.
This model is a re-working of issue 31303SB.
IssuedMarch 2010 Release Code 1 / Standard
31304 front view 31303 rear view
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