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London Transport - Central Area (Route 175)
2005 North Weald Bus Rally
11113A front view 11113A rear view
Fleet No.RTL 106 RegistrationJXN 429
Route No.175 DestinationStapleford Abbots
AdvertsSide adverts "NLTS - Nortn Weald Bus Rally Sunday 26th June 2005 - NLTS", "Red John Bull" front advers and "Photographic? For The Best Cameround! Wallace Heaton Ltd 127 New Bond St" rear advert
LiveryRed with beige between decks band and upper deck window surrounds. Black mudguards and gold fleetnames
NotesLimited edition of 551 certificated models produced for the proposed 2005 North Weald Bus Rally. The rally was cancelled shortly after the models were produced by EFE. Approximately 70 models were subsequently re-worked and released as code 3 model 11113A/2
IssuedMay 2005 Release Code 2 / Standard
11113A Numbered certificate supplied with model
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