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London Transport (Route 178)
34204 front view 34204 rear view
Fleet No.RLH 29 RegistrationMXX 229
Route No.178 DestinationStratford Maryland Station via Carpenters Rd
Adverts" For Flavour! - Ty-phoo Tea - For Economy!" (nearside), "Red Rover - Bus - About Tickets - Unlimited travel on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays on London's Red Buses - 6'- Children 3'-" (off-side) & "Dunlop Tyres Last Longer" (Lower rear)
LiveryRed with cream between decks band & black mudguards. Gold underlined fleet names.
NotesThis model is a re-working of issue 34201.
IssuedJanuary 2009 Release Standard
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