EFE Zone - Model 27701 - London Transport
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London Transport - Central Area
(Route 11 - Dewandre advert)
27701 front view 27701 rear view
Fleet No.STL805 RegistrationBXD 480
Route No.11 DestinationLiverpool St
AdvertsSide adverts "For Comfort and Safety - Dewandre Vacuum Brakes and The Clayton Heater - for Coaches and Cars" (nearside) and "Ask for Chedlet Cheese (offside) "National Service we"vre got to be prepared" (front adverts) and "Dunlop the tyres with teeth" (rear)
LiveryRed with cream window surrounds and silver roof. Black mudguards, between decks and above upper deck window bands
IssuedJune 2003 Release Standard
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