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Complete World of Little Buses, The - Britain and Hong Kong

Vic Davey  and Danny C.Y. Chan

ISBN 9-629200-25-2 - 190mm x 267mm - 258 pages - Hardback
Copiously illustrated (colour)

A detailed look at model buses, manufactured from a variety of materials, from early times to current days. A major emphasis on Corgi (OOC) models.

Published in 1999 by Northcord International Limited

Complete World of Exclusive First Editions, The

Vic Davey  and Danny C.Y. Chan

ISBN 9-629200-16-3 - 190mm x 267mm - 178 pages - Hardback
Copiously illustrated (colour)

The history of Exclusive First Editions, and a pictorial survey of all models produced up to the time of publication

Published in 1997 by Northcord International Limited

EFE - A Collectors Guide (1st edition)

Roger Bailey & Ken Benham

ISBN N/A - 148mm x 210mm - 52 pages - Ringbound

"Ken Benham's close relationship with EFE was well documented at the time through his Exclusive First Editions Collectors Club, the Guides he produced and the models he commissioned. This is a book for the EFE historian (as are all five volumes), with the author's quirky self-made numbering system, and detail that occasionally causes a second-thought on many EFE models, as well as adding to the knowledge of EFE's output.

Notable for an introduction from the authors, and a Preface informed and signed by Ron Ping, the then Managing Director of EFE, the general ecstasy that rises from the pages on both sides relating to the launch of Exclusive First Editions is palpable. Written in April 1990, the authors indicate that 'in a little over nine months, EFE have produced no less than 47 different liveried models' with variations adding a further 30.

It all makes fascinating reading - a fledgling company that was to initiate a huge hobby, grow and army of enthusiasts, and attract much competition."


Published in 1990 by Ken Benham: distributed by EFE Collectors Club

EFE - A Collectors Guide (2nd edition)

Ken Benham

ISBN N/A - 148mm x 210mm - 48 pages - Ringbound

"For the first time EFE's own model numbers are included (alongside Benham's catalogue numbering system). It was during the period covered by this edition that EFE ceased releasing production figures. The bus 'fleet' consists of the RT family still, though the introduction of the touring cars, and the car transporter, are noted in words and pictures."


Published in 1991 by Ken Benham: distributed by EFE Collectors Club

EFE - A Collectors Guide (3rd edition)

Ken Benham

ISBN N/A - 148mm x 210mm - 56 pages - Ringbound

"The range of buses grows with the introduction of the Cavalier/Grenadier models and the Horsefield tram becomes available. Mention is made of the forthcoming Bristol Lodekka and Leyland National castings. The range of truck releases grows quickly as differently moulded bodies are allied to the existing cabs/chassis, and one often has to look back and wonder if EFE thought the trucks were going to be the mainstay of the business in the future."


Published in 1992 by Ken Benham: distributed by EFE Collectors Club

EFE - A Collectors Guide (4th edition)

Ken Benham

ISBN N/A - 148mm x 210mm - 64 pages - Ringbound

"The AEC Routemaster casting is issued, and the Plaxton Panorama, Leyland Titan and Bristol MW/LS are announced. The Code 3 commissions by the Club for its members are now often highly sought after - Walsall, Gareloch, Lloyds, Osbornes, London Country and Jersey: all are now documented, along with the details of all of EFE's output up to Spring 1993."


Published in 1993 by Ken Benham: distributed by EFE Collectors Club

EFE - A Collectors Guide (5th edition)

Ken Benham

ISBN N/A - 148mm x 210mm - 80 pages - Softback

"Colour pictures enhance the listings for the first time, Code 3s are no longer listed, 'only models produced under contract to EFE (in China or UK) are included. Packaging measurements are included - a surprising number of variations. Leyland Nations make their first appearances, and the open top Routemaster, Leyland Tiger and Regent V are mentioned. The truck range is as extensive, perhaps more so, than the buses. All sorts of useful information on certification and models provided with self-adhesive adverts noted."


Published in 1994 by Ken Benham: distributed by EFE Collectors Club

EFE - A Collectors Guide (6th edition)

Ken Benham

ISBN N/A - 148mm x 208mm - 98 pages - Softback

The sixth edition lists a further 140 plus models and reflects the rapid expansion of the EFE range during the mid 1990s. New castings appearing for the first time include the Bedford OB & SB coaches, MCW Orion, Leyland Atlantean & Daimler Fleetline double deck buses.

Perfect binding replaces the spiral binding of previous editions but the extensive listings stick to the now familiar format and continue to be indexed using the unique numbering system developed by the EFE Collectors Club. Some of the more trivial snippets of information once found in the earlier editions has unfortunately been removed from this edition of the guide.

32 colour half page photographs are grouped together in the centre of the guide and show a nice selection of the then current models available in the EFE range.


Published in 1995 by Ken Benham: distributed by EFE Collectors Club

EFE & Corgi OOC Model Buses (12th Edition) - 2012

Anne Letch

ISBN N/A - 148mm x 210mm - 152 pages - Softback, spiral-bound with laminated covers

A complete (to June 2012) detailed listing of all models produced by Exclusive First Editions, Corgi (OOC), Creative Master Northcord, ABC and Britbus/Irbus, Atlas Editions and Jotus. The book also carries a listing of all of LBRT's Code 3 certificated commemorative model runs. The 12th Edition is spiral bound to lie flat when open and contains new sections covering B-T Models, Forward Models & the TTC Diecast resin models.

The next full edition of the guide will be published in July 2014 however a 13th edition supplement will be produced in July 2013 listing all the new releases since the 12th edition.

For copies of the 12th edition send a cheque for £18.50 (inc UK P&P), payable to Mr. P.S. Brain, to:

EFE Corgi Guide,
16 Parklands,
Essex SS4 1SQ

Large print comb-bound A4 copies are available for £22.50 (post-free) from the same contact - these are only available from the publisher, and will be printed to order so please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

As in recent years, supplies of the standard version are limited, so it may be wise to email before ordering to check availability.

Model Bus Assemblage

Brian Cox

ISBN N/A - 210mm x 297mm - 66 pages - Softback
Illustrated in colour

A new, and welcome, publication is this overview of white metal kits produced over the past 30 years or so, in various scales ranging from 2mm up to 7mm. The author, Brian Cox, is well known for his earlier publications on various model bus books that were produced by Pirate Models during the period 1970 to 1980, so he can be classed as an expert on the subject.

As the cover of the book says, it is a ‘Worldwide photographic survey of cast and etched metal model bus construction kits’. The book has over 600 individual colour pictures of the numerous kits that have been available over the years, each with a brief description of the actual model. The kits have been very well constructed; difficult considering the nature of some of the models displayed. Inside the front cover there is a colour coded index to the various manufacturers, some well known and still in business today, others consigned to history!

Each picture is colour coded to the index, but I did find that, in the absence of a manufacturer's name alongside the majority of the pictures, I did have to keep referring back and forth to the front page to see who made the kit I was looking at. As there is plenty of space within the area allotted to each picture I feel that the manufacturer's name should have been included. Another minor point is that the punctuation of the descriptions is in some cases rather awry! For example, Pl- on one line, and axton on the next line! If the text had been justified, then this would have been overcome.

A side issue to the book is that, it does illustrate the failings of some kits, in that they do not look like the actual prototype vehicles. This is certainly not the fault of the person constructing the kits, but of the actual kit itself, and possibly might explain one reason for the current popularity of resin kits. However it is noticeable that some of the kits of older vehicles are very accurate, whereas it is the more modern vehicles (with their more complex shapes) that fall down is this respect, particularly the Volvo Ailsa vehicles depicted.

If like many others you still have a few unmade white metal kits in the cupboard, and wonder what they might look like when made up, then this is the book for you. It does not give any hints or tips on the construction of the kits, merely serving as an excellent guide to the kits that have been and, in some cases, are still available today, and it succeeds in that purpose. Perhaps in a few years time, we might see a similar production for resin bus kits!

An A4 publication of 66 pages printed on high quality paper, and priced at £11.95. It is, in my opinion, well worth its place in any kit builder's library as a work of reference. It is available post free from Model Buses, 21 Forde Avenue, Bromley, Kent BR1 3EU.


Published in 2007 by Model Buses

Model Bus Construction Using Plastic (2nd Edition)

Tony Kay

ISBN N/A - 148mm x 210mm - 40 pages - Softback
Illustrated in colour and monochrome, with line drawings to illustrate techniques

"As tribute to the late author the Model Bus Federation has re-issued his extremely well presented and informed 1976 volume, with some updated photographs. The book talks through, and illustrates, plastic model construction from its most basic: the various requirements and techniques from the tools required for the job, all the fundamental work, through to the final detailing, painting, glazing and application of transfers. This a an absolute treasure for those who aspire to make their own models. The pictures are a testament to the author's skills, and and the volume is one of very few around (if not unique) that illustrate just how the skilled model-maker can match, and very often out-do, the best efforts of the main-stream die-cast manufacturers. The only disappointment is the fact that the book is not, to my knowledge, readily available to all - hopefully this will be remedied in time."


Published in 2006 by The Model Bus Federation

Model Bus Handbook, The

Ian Morton

ISBN 1-897990-30-8 - 148mm x 210mm - 112 pages - Softback
Illustrated in colour and monochrome, with drawings and a pull-out 1:76 plan

"For the 1:76 (00 scale) model bus enthusiast the mid-nineties were the fulcrum of a see-saw: the days when the hobby was almost the sole preserve of the kit manufacturers and makers were on the way down as the huge growth in the ready-made die-cast market created by EFE became dominant. This book (referring to model buses as the then 'hobby back-water') comprehensively covers all aspects of the hobby bar die-cast collecting, and, among other things describes and lavishly illustrates detailing and converting die-cast models, plastic and card models, scratch-building, white-metal kits, painting, on-model accessories and decoration, and dioramas and layouts. The resin kit industry that would eventually prove some kind of salvation for the kit-building enthusiast had yet to make its mark. A fascinating volume for the enthusiast, with many of the basics still very relevant today, it owes much to the enthusiasm of the members of the Model Bus Federation, which is as active today as it was in 1995. Finished with a useful pull-out 1:75 plan for a Plaxton Verde II B45F bodied Dennis Lance as supplied to Badgerline Group. Well worth seeking out."


Published in 1995 by British Bus Publishing

Scale Model Electric Tramways and How to Model Them

E. Jackson-Stevens

ISBN 1-7053-5480-9 - 145mm x 222mm - 196 pages - Hardback
Illustrated with monochrome pictures, and with extensive drawings

"I suspect most of those, with a tramway interest, who read this page will be familiar with the large-scale tram models seen in transport museums, and then marvelled at the constructor's skills in making such highly detailed models. For those that aspire to such heights, and then wish to motorise and run their models, this will be an absolute must for the home-library. Extensively illustrated with pictures of the most wonderful model trams, both in their entirety and in detail, the real 'clincher' must be the huge number of explanatory line-drawings by Eric Thornton that run through the book. These drawings cover, in minute detail, almost every aspect of the construction and motorisation of model tramways - they appear as detailed accompaniments to the text, on such subjects as bow and pantograph power-collecting mechanisms, track-work, trolley-wire suspension and a whole lot more. Chapters focus on (amongst others): scale in relationship to the prototype; main principles; two methods of body construction; track construction and pointwork; control and equipment; painting lining and lettering; and electrical circuits for powering and lighting the model. Whilst, after in excess of 25 years, this volume may have become dated, there is absolutely no doubt that many of the principles outlined are as true to today as they ever have been. This book is not too difficult to find, and is a fascinating read."


Published in 1972 by David & Charles

Tramway Modelling

P. Chapman

ISBN 0-9055587-01-4 - 145mm x 222mm - 80 pages - Softback
Illustrated with monochrome pictures, extensive drawings and large-scale pull-out plan

"Working in 3/4 inches to the foot not only requires a great deal of skill, but also allows the inclusion of much detail that is just not feasible in small scale models. With the author stating that a single model can 'take about 1,000 hours to build (about a year or so of spare time)' it is a hobby for the very serious model maker. This book is copiously illustrated with finely annotated line drawings of every conceivable aspect of the model-making process, along with pictures illustrating various aspects of the model as it is built. It works through the process of building a standard Preston type tram car, a tram that was operated, with some variations, by 45 operators in England, Scotland and Wales. Starting with tools and materials the book progresses through the bodywork, tracks and bogies, wiring of the model, paining and lining, trackwork and overhead. and the power supply. A full scale plan of a typical Preston car concludes this comprehensive volume by folding out from within the rear cover. This is a well written book, that approaches a complex matter in a sound, practical and logical manner designed to encourage the first-time model tram builder."


Published in 1979 by Tramway & Light Railway Society

Trolleybus minatures, models and the real things

Ashley Bruce with Gottfried Kure

ISBN, 978-0-904235-23-4 - 305 x 216mm - 416 pages - Hardback
Illustrated in colour

"It is hard to avoid using superlatives about this wonderful book, which tells stories of many of the world's trolleybuses through the scale models that replicate them. If, like me, you thought you knew a little about the sorts of model trolleybuses, you will soon discover that you actually know very little indeed. Be prepared to enter a fascinating world you barely knew existed, full of everything from tinplate toys to working models a fully grown adult can sit in and drive.

As the author explains, a veritable explosion in the number of models produced over the past 10 years or so years has allowed him to describe in excess of 1,200 examples, comparing the models in many cases with photographs of the real things....

Even if you only ever collect one or two of the models described, you will surely enjoy turning the pages and savouring what you see.


Published in 2012 by Trolleybooks (

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