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The Prestige Series – London Transport

John Banks, Photography by G. H. F. Atkins

ISBN 1-898432-22-8 – 170mm x 240mm – 64 pages – Paperback
Illustrated in monochrome

“Geoffrey Atkins started to photograph London buses and trolleybuses in 1927 and over the years has managed to capture a wide selection of all types that plied the streets of London, the latest in this book being the mid-sixties. The photographs in this book are of the highest quality; even those taken in the 30s are clear and sharp.

This is an outstanding collection of pictures and one worthy of every book shelf."


Published in 2000 by Venture Publications

Reshaping London's Buses

Barry Arnold and Mike Harris

ISBN 0-9047-1134-X 222mm x 286mm - 128 pages - Hardback
Illustrated in monochrome

"The period commencing in the late 1960s is often seen as among London Transport's darkest years. This book begins with a detailed analysis of the lengthy history behind the plan to re-shape the capital's routes to enable a large-scale one-man operation of buses with automatic fare collecting machinery. The difficulties, often with the unions as well as the modern equipment, are graphically spelt out, but the volume leaves us with no uncertainty about the long-term effect this period had on the bus transport we see in London today. Copiously illustrated and captioned, and with many 'what might have beens' fully outlined, this is a fascinating insight into a difficult but extraordinarily influential period in the history of London Transport."


Published in 1982 by Capital Transport Publishing


Ken Glazier

ISBN 1-8541-4138-4 - 222mm x 286mm - 136 pages - Hardback
Illustrated predominantly in monochrome

"Developed by London Transport as their standard post-WWII single deck bus, the RF went on to perform a number of roles within the fleet, and will always be most fondly remembered for its association with the semi-express Green Line fleet. This book, in what has very much become the Capital Transport house style, opens with a detailed history of the background to, and the origins and development of, the class. The mainstream years, including all the class variations and the uses made of them, are covered in detail, right through to the eventual demise from standard service in 1979. This is a book that is thoroughly recommended for London Transport aficionados. Detailed appendices complete the work".


Published in 1991 by Capital Transport Publishing

Routemaster Jubilee

Geoff Rixon

ISBN 0-7110-2999-7 – 222mm x 286mm – 96 pages – Hardback
Illustrated in colour and monochrome

"It cannot be denied that there have been many books about the Routemaster and this is hardly surprising considering that for over 50 years it was the face of London to many visitors both from within the United Kingdom and overseas. This book was produced by Geoff Rixon to commemorate 50 years of this icon. The book itself is divided into chapters one dedicated to each decade of the Routemasters life. The first chapter ‘The 1950s’ has a section for each of the four prototypes with details of each and photographs of each one at various times through the years. The rest of the book contains pictures of all Routemaster variations in a host of different liveries from London Transport to Verwood Transport (Bournemouth) and Gala Cosmetics (Mary Quant). Throughout the book there are special
sections, e.g. on the BEA Airport variations and to complete the history a section of what might have been – FRM1

It is a book full of superb illustrations and surely a must not only for LT and Routemaster fans but also those interested in bus history."


Published in 2004 by Ian Allan

Routemaster Requiem

Matthew Wharmby & Geoff Rixon

ISBN 0-7110-3145-2 - 222mm x 286mm - 96 pages – Hardback
Illustrated in colour

"Oh no, I hear you cry, not another book on the Routemasters, well yes it is but it’s more than that; it is in fact an account of the final years of the last 20 Routemaster operated routes. Each of the routes is covered in a separate chapter which provides a brief history of the route and its development together with information on vehicles that ran on the last days of the route. Each chapter has a super set of illustrations, mainly from the final days but also a few from earlier times, the text accompanying each photograph not only provides details of the pictured bus but further information on the route and its history.

All in all a very informative book and not just for the Routemaster fans but also for those who enjoy further information on the routes they plied in their final days of normal operation."


Published in 2006 by Ian Allan

Roving Round London's Buses

John Parkin

ISBN 978 0946383 28 1 - 210mm x 297mm - 116 pages - Softback
Almost completely illustrated in colour

"This first book from John Parkin is to be welcomed, and it delves into his huge collection of personal photographic reminiscences of London Transport's buses, with many from his 'home' area of South and South West London. Well known to many (especially LOTS members as a much appreciated and enthusiastic speaker) through his photographs that have appeared in a number of books and magazines, we have never had the pleasure of a complete volume dedicated to his output. The book is sub-titled 'Volume One', so there is (happily) clearly more to come. This Ravenscroft Press publication contains around 300 of the author's pictures, each with his typically informative captions alongside. The unfortunate lack of a Contents page at the front of the book means such delights likely to be overlooked by a casual flip-through of the pages are chapters on Rover Tickets, Staff Training and Bus Stops, Bus Garages and Bus Stations, Bus Blinds, and Last Journeys. The pictures are arranged six to a double-spread, and are typical of the authors output - closely observed and fascinating in their backdrops. The joy of the book is as much with the captions as with the pictures - informative, expansive and occasionally very wry, they are an absolute pleasure to read. Hopefully, for the price asked, the second volume will have just a little more care taken in its production - the small white boundary around the picture on on the card cover should not be necessary in  today's 'borderless printing' age: equally the occasionally uneven presentation of the pages detracts somewhat from the professionalism the author deserves. That said, these last words should not deter you from purchasing a book that will surely lead to a sought-after Volume Two."


Published in 2007 by Ravensbrook Press
£14.95 + £1.00 P&P to: NTLS, 8 The Rowans, Palmers Green, London N13 5AD

RT - The Story of a London Bus

Ken Blacker

ISBN 0-9047-1124-2 - 222mm x 286mm - 280 pages - Hardback
Illustrated in monochrome

"If ever there was a single book that epitomised the history of a single bus type it must be Ken Blacker's huge treatise on the London Transport RT. The densely packed print is accompanied by often large and detailed photographs, each with its own, sometimes lengthy but always most informative caption. The class is detailed from its earliest development, through all the various experiments, into its heyday, and then on to the final RTs on LT's stock-book in 1980. This volume is an absolute must for anyone who couples fond memories of the iconic RT bus with a real interest in London Transport's history. I'd give anything for a decent index!!"


Published in 1979 by Capital Transport Publishing

The STLs

Ken Blacker

ISBN 0-9047-1161-7 222mmm x 286mm - 200 pages - Hardback
Illustrated in monochrome

The STL was one of the largest and certainly one of the most complex classes of motor bus ever to run in London service. The class code embraced AEC Regents with a wide variety of bodywork, including some second hand examples acquired by London Transport from independent operators, This book is a record of the type's history from its introduction in 1932 to its demise almost a quarter of a century later. "The thirty seven chapters that go to make up this volume only confirm the above words taken from the inside front of the book's dust jacket. Profusely illustrated and written in huge detail, this is a book that should cover most, if not all, of what the modeller may wish to know about these fascinating vehicles."


Published in 1984 by Capital Transport Publishing

Southbound from Croydon

J.T. King & A.G. Newman

ISBN N/A 170mm x 240mm - 190 pages - Softback
Occasional illustrations in monochrome, plus route map

"A meticulously produced record of bus and tram routes in the north Surrey area, from the turn of the century until December 1964. This very rare book is divided into chapters covering the changes in a small locality of the overall geography e.g. Brighton Road: Purley Way & Russell Hill: Chipstead Valley Road, etc. and chronologically records the route changes each area saw during the period. The book finishes with all the routes mentioned listed both by letter (Green Line) and by number showing the roads served with, again, the changes listed chronologically. The thought of travelling from Camden Town to Reigate on the 59 beggars belief in the 21st century! The book is not limited to London Transport, and as such provides a truly comprehensive story. A Banstead Coaches Bedford OB (a vehicle affectionately known as Candy Floss) on the stand at Banstead before heading off to Chipstead Valley, and a London Transport Gilford AS6 on the 203 at Mitchley Avenue are typical of the small number of illustrations. A fascinating book that makes fascinating reading, particularly for those familiar with the area. 12/6 (62½p) when new, it is likely to cost you rather more today - if you can find a copy!!"


Published in 1965 by The Omnibus Society

Streets of London

Kevin McCormack

ISBN 0-7110-2774-9 – 245mm x 190mm – 80 pages – Hardback
Illustrated in colour

“All the pictures in this book, with two exceptions, were taken between 1945 and 1962. Of the two exceptions one was taken in 1939 and the other in 1964 at the annual HCVC run to Brighton - so historic vehicles are to the fore. The book is really a celebration of trams, trolleybuses and buses of the period with superb historic pictures. It is fascinating to see pictures of London streets during this time, with no fast food outlets, no coffee shops and no graffiti! Several of the locations are instantly recognisable today whilst other have been changed beyond all recognition. Also fascinating within the pictures are the vehicles and fashions of the time: one picture which brings back personal memories contains an Ariel Arrow motor cycle, the rider not wearing a crash helmet and the pillion passenger wearing a mini skirt – those were the days! Many of the pictures are of interest both to the modeller and the diecast collector with examples of many vehicles already modelled, such as the Q1 trolleybus, the Feltham tram and of course the RM and RT. There are also several pictures of the RLH class which EFE have announced they will be releasing. It is a super book with excellent pictures all of which contain a wealth of detail from the period.”


Published in 2001 by Ian Allan


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