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Wednesday 25 June
Corgi OOC Range 20th Anniversary
Twenty years ago today Corgi launched its Original Omnibus Company range of 1/76 scale models with the release of Leyland Leopard bodied Marshall BET single deck bus in Midland Red livery

The model 97901, which was packaged in a special card box, was released at the Gaydon Heritage Motor Museum's "World's Biggest Little Motor Show" event held over the weekend of the 25th & 26th of June 1994. 8000 examples of the model were produced, a typical figure of for many of the early releases, today a run of a 1000 is more normal indicating how demand for model buses in general has changed with the passing of time and a larger choice of products to select from.

Despite the drop in popularity and reduction in yearly releases, Corgi have none the less produced an impressive and often varied range of 1/76 scale bus & coach models. With well in excess of 1000 different models now issued and new tooling still being added on an annual basis we can hopefully look forward to many more years of OOC delights.

Thank you Corgi & Happy Birthday OOC

Wednesday 25 June
Confirmed EFE Releases
The following models have now been released by EFE.

12120 Timpsons & Sons - Harrington Cavalier Coach
29806 Badgerline (route 13B) - Dennis Lance Wright Single Deck Bus
35211 Bournemouth Corporation - Long 36 Foot BET Single Deck Coach

Tuesday 24 June
Sunrise Models Kit Update
George Heaney has sent me an update on his Sunrise Models kit range. Firstly some of the recently released kits are now down to the last few examples, production numbers for all the kits are usually based on the pre-orders received plus a small surplus, so if there are any of the forthcoming kits which are of interest, a pre-order is highly recommended.

Kits Now Very Limited
Please enquire about availability before ordering any of the following

Kit 6: 1955/58 Northern Counties lowbridge-bodied Leyland PD2/Guy Arab
Stock of both versions is down to the last few. £40.00

Part P1: A platform door conversion is also available for use with the above kits and costs £2.50.

Kit 7: 1937 Albion PR145/Cowieson tri-axle coach
(Kit includes some transfers) - £40.00

Kit 11: 1949 Maudslay Marathon/Brockhouse full-front coach (Kit includes some transfers) - £38.00

Forthcoming Kits
Reservations are still be accepted for the following items

Kit 5: 1951 AEC Regal IV/Alexander - Due August 2014

Kit 29: 1960s 9.7m short Alexander Y-type, long windows (including Albion Vikings) - Due August 2014

Kit 37: 1985 Alexander AM B21F-bodied Dodge S56 - Due July 2014

Kit 40: 1961 Alexander-bodied triple-door Leyland Leopard (Edinburgh Corporation 101) - Due August 2014

Latest Model Masters

Kit 17: 1937/38 GNR Gardner - Due to be released at Dublin Rail Show in October 2014

Kit 40: 1961 Alexander-bodied triple-door Leyland Leopard (Edinburgh Corporation 101) - Due August 2014

Kits Now Sold Out
Kit 3 : 1952 Albion FT3AL/Harvey
Kit 10: Leyland TD1/Cowieson

Details of how to order or reserve the above kits and others in the full range can be found on the Sunrise Models page in the kits section.

Saturday 21 June
Corgi Exclusive Old Bill Bus For LT Museum
Corgi will soon release a new B-Type Bus model in green military livery as used to transport troops during the first world war.

The same tooling has also been used to produce another model in the red & cream livery of General. The model is depicted heading for Liverpool Street on route 11 and carries front registration LA 9228 as well as period side advertisements for Tatcho & the Apollo Theatre.

The models are priced £8.99 and have been produced exclusively for the London Transport Museum where they can be ordered from the online shop (use links below). The exact scale of the model isn't clear, but it measures in at 8.5 x 4.7cm.

Ref Unknown General (route 11 Liverpool Street) - B-Type Double Deck Bus

Saturday 21 June updated 22 June
Two New EFE Commissions For The LT Museum
The London Transport Museum Shop have posted details of two EFE models which have been commissioned to mark the TfL's Year of the Bus celebrations which will be marked by a special Bus Cavalcade through central London and display in Regent Street on the 29th June on 22nd June.

The models listed below will be on sale at the event and if any stock remains these will be offered to collectors though the Museum's online shop afterwards. The Museum describes theses as very limited.
Both models are priced £36.99 and carry new side advertisements for "Evolution of the London Bus" this also includes the special Year of the bus roundel which has been applied to many of London's current fleet of buses this year.

Update 22 June
Sorry it appears I quoted the wrong date for the event in central London as that actually took place today. The LT Museum shop pages for these models does incorrectly state the 29th June however!. I can confirm that the models were on sale at the event today and also the Stockwell Garage Open Day on Saturday.
There is also a second variant of the Routemaster model, ref 31503F, based on the standard issue model 31503 depicting RM1563 on route 9.

Further details and larger photographs can be found on the Museum's site.

31503F London Transport (RM 1563 - 563 CLT / route 9 Mortlake Garage)- RM Class Routemaster Bus (rarer variant)
31510A London Transport (RM 20 - VLT 20 / route 11 Fulham Broadway)- RM Class Routemaster Bus
28822A London Transport (T561 - NUW 561Y / route 184 Elephant & Castle) - Leyland Titan Dual Door Bus

Friday 20 June & updated 21 & 24 June
Confirmed Corgi OOC Release
The following OOC range model has now been released by Corgi in the UK.

OM46609B Metroline Travel (route 24 Parliment Square) - New Bus for London Double Deck Bus - 2000 pieces

The A version of this model with Pimlico destinations was released back in May.

Update 21-06-2014
The two Go Ahead London General New Routemaster models OM46610A & OM46610B (See June 11th posting) that have only been available from the Corgi Direct online store up until now, have also appeared on the London Transport Museum Shop site, they are both however described as online exclusives and although priced the the same, do not include the free postage offer currently available on the Corgi site. Update 24-06-2014
Also now reported to be available from the Hamleys store in Regent Street, Central London for £37.00

Tuesday 17 June
Confirmed Oxford Diecast Release
An advanced batch of Oxford's new Weymann Fanfare coach models in South Wales Transport livery were on sale at the Swansea Festival of Transport last weekend. The model come wrapped in a card sleeves marking the centenary of South Wales Transport and also has a brief history of the vehicle depicted which currently resides at Swansea Bus Museum on the rear.
The model hasn't gone on general release to retailers as yet and it is unclear whether the same card sleeve or a standard Oxford Omnibus one will be used when it does.

76WFA001 South Wales Transport - Weymann Fanfare AEC Coach

Thursday 12 June
New Photograph Of Recently Announced EFE Model
EFE have published a new photograph showing the pre-production model version of the Glasgow PTE Alexander bodied Leyland Atlantean (ref no. 23805) that was announced earlier this month.

Wednesday 11 June
Confirmed Corgi OOC Releases
The following OOC range models have now been released by Corgi in the UK.

OM46702A Bus Eireann (route 215 Blarney) - Wright Eclipse 2 Single Deck Bus - 650 Pieces
OM46702B National Express West Midlands (route 203 Farranree via Parklands) - Wright Eclipse 2 Single Deck Bus - 550 Pieces

OM46308A Black Prince (route X51 Morley Fountain Inn via Elland Road) - AEC Routemaster Double Deck Bus - 500 Pieces
OM46308B Black Prince (route 63B Royal Armouries) - AEC Routemaster Double Deck Bus - 500 Pieces

The following models are now available from the Corgi online shop, and London Transport Museum online store, as far as I'm aware these will not be released to other model retailers.

OM46610A Go Ahead London General (route 11 Liverpool Street) - New Routemaster Double Deck Bus
OM46610B Go Ahead London General (route 11 Fulham Broadway) - New Routemaster Double Deck Bus

A reminder that the following model is scheduled for release next week.

OM46609B Metroline Travel (route 24 Parliment Square) - New Bus for London Double Deck Bus
The A version of this model with Pimlico destinations was released in May.

Wednesday 11 June & Updated 14 June.
Confirmed EFE Releases & Another Bachmann Exclusive Model
The following models have now been released by EFE.

24905 Metrobus (route 351) - Mercedes Benz Plaxton Minibus
36706 Go North East/Northern - Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton Pointer 2 1 Door
26625 East Kent Coaches - Plaxton Paramount Coach

Bachmann has announced another EFE model bus release which will be exclusively available only through Bachmann appointed retailers. The model features a Routemaster in the special silver livery applied to twenty five of RM class buses during 1977 to mark the Queens Silver Jubilee.
The vehicles were renumbered SRM1 to SRM25 and each was sponsored by a particular company who's advertising was applied to both the exteriors & interiors.

The model of SRM25 (RM1850) carries advertising for the well know Woolworth store chain and depicts the vehicle working on route 1 bound for Marylebone during it's period of allocation to New Cross garage.

The model is very similar to a less detailed version produced by Corgi Toys for the Woolworth's chain in 1977.

Corgi's 1977 version of the same vehicle

The EFE model (ref no: 31511) has a RRP of 32.75 and has been produced to mark 25 years of Bachmann's involvement in the Model and Hobby industry.

Further details and photographs can be found on both the official EFE news blog page and the Bachmann site where you can also find a list of appointed stockists.

Wednesday 11 June
Confirmed B-T Release
The following B-T model has now been released.

A013B Chocolate & cream- Foden FG 2 Axle Flatbed Lorry & Drawbar Trailer

Monday 9 June
Next EFE Releases
The following models are expected to be released by EFE during the week ending June 14th.

24905 Metrobus (route 351) - Mercedes Benz Plaxton Minibus
36706 Go North East/Northern - Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton Pointer 2 1 Door
26625 East Kent Coaches - Plaxton Paramount Coach
Information kindly supplied by

Monday 9 June
Oxford Diecast Omnibus Range Release
The following model has now been released by Oxford Diecast and the first of the new Weymann Fanfare coaches is also expected to be released soon.

76OWB009 Bournemouth Corporation - Bedford OWB Utility Bus

Wednesday 4 June
Images of Recently Announced Oxford Models
Oxford Diecast have now issued photographs or design cells of the latest batch of models which are scheduled for release later this year or in the first quarter of 2015.

1/76 Scale
Oxford Omnibus - New Tooling

76PAN001 Southdown - Plaxton Panorama I Coach - Q3 2014
Note this is not the same model as the existing N scale Plaxton Panorama model, I believe the model depicts a vehicle with a body similar to that found on preserved Standerwick coach TRN 731. Link to Flickr image of TRN 731

Oxford Omnibus - New Liveries

76COM002 BOAC - Commer Commando Coach - Q3 2014

76IRZ003 Ulsterbus - Scania Irizar PB Coach - Q1 2015

76OWB010 Bristol Tramways - Bedford OWB Bus - Q4 2014

76WFL002 Triumph Coaches (believed to be a Southdown subsidiary) - Leyland Weymann Fanfare Coach - Q1 2015

N Scale
Oxford Military - New Tooling

NCOM001 RAF - Commer Commando Coach - Q1 2015

Oxford Omnibus

NBL005 Bristol Tramways - Bristol Lodekka LD - Reported to have been released

Oxford Haulage

NTCAB004 Metropolitan Demolition - Scania T Cab Tipper - Q4 2014

Oxford Commercials - New Tooling (different backs)

NFG003 Pickfords - Foden FG Dropside - Q4 2014

NFG004 Blue Circle Cement - Foden FG Tipper - Q4 2014

Oxford Commercials - New Liveries

NFT002 Royal Mail - Ford Transit Van - Q3 2014

NFT003 RAC - Ford Transit Van, - Q3 2014

Wednesday 4 June
Six New EFE Models Announced & Latest Subscribers Newsletter
EFE has published details of six new models, including a Routemaster model to mark the upcoming 60th Anniversary of the type. All six models have provisional releases dates of either July or August.
Cat No. 17229
Vehicle Long Leyland National Mark I Singe Door
Operator Konectbus
Fleet No. 152
Registration UFX 852S
Route 17 Dereham
Expected August 2014
Cat No. 23805
Vehicle Alexander bodied Leyland Atlantean
Operator Glasgow P.T.E.
Fleet No. LA 65
Registration SGD 643
Route 58 Dalmuir West
Expected July 2014
Cat No. 31512
Vehicle AEC RM Class Routemaster Bus
Operator London Transport
Fleet No. RM 60
Registration VLT 60
Route 47 Monument
Expected July 2014
Cat No. 36707
Vehicle Dennis Dart SLF 2 Single Door
Operator Bus Eireann
Fleet No. DPC 12
Registration OO-D-89232
Route 8 Mervue, Radharc Na Mara
Expected July 2014
Cat No. 37602
Vehicle AEC Ergo 2 Axle Flatbed
Operator London Brick Company
Fleet No. H 1
Registration CMB 242C
Cargo load Pallets
Expected August 2014
Cat No. 38113
Vehicle Bristol VRT 2 Flat Windscreen
Operator Southdown
Fleet No. 507
Registration TCD 507J
Route 319 Tunbridge Wells
Expected July 2014
Frank Joyce warns in the latest subscriber's newsletter that demand is increasing for the latest releases now that the economy is improving. With the extended time it now takes to get models produced it means that production quantities that were ordered 11 months when demand was falling are now very close to the expected demand. The recent East Kent AEC Regent V 36902 sold out upon release and Frank Joyce strongly advises that model enthusiasts should reserve models with their suppliers as other forthcoming releases may also be in very short supply. If demand continues to rise then EFE will consider increasing production quantities.

EFE will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary in August and they are planning to produce some models to commemorate this achievement. More details will be given in the next newsletter.

There are no previously unannounced models mention in this newsletter.

Courtesy of EFE, a PDF version of the latest Release Sheet plus smaller scans of the sheets & the May Order Form
Trade Order Form May 2014  Release Sheet Issue 4 & 5 2014 Scan  Eastern Scottish Fleet Focus
Click Here for PDF Version of Release Sheet 4 & 5 2014 (6.6mb)

Monday 2 June
Confirmed Jotus Model Release
Melvyn Grosberg at ACE Model Buses advises that the highly detailed Jotus London Transport CR on country area route 494 has now been released in the UK.

RS76641 - London Transport Country Area (CR14 / route 494) - Leyland Cub CR Class Single Deck Bus
Information kindly supplied by

Sunday 1 June
EFE Zone 10th Anniversary
The EFE Zone site celebrates its tenth birthday today, the sites now has near on 2500 EFE related pages.
To mark the milestone I've decided to make a change to the site's appearance, namely the original black page backgrounds have been switched to white. This change will bring to EFE pages in line with the design used on the later OOC, CMNL & Britbus Zone pages and allow better integration with the main Model Bus Zone hub site.

Other changes today are the update of the EFE sites final sections which still retained the basic 2004 page designs, these were originally designed to be used on a free web hosting service which only had limited space available.
The AEC Mammoth Major lorry section has thus received a complete makeover and a new set of larger model photographs, the EFE Sports Cars section has also received the same treatment.

Other changes see the EFE Model Catalogue Numbers list updated to include the first release date of each model type and the number of factory produced issues of each to date.
There have also been overhauls for the Brewery Series Lorries, Grocery Series Lorries and Gilbow Railway Collection sections.

Finally a small number of pages with the black background still remain, these are mainly confined to the Tube Train, EFE Model Reviews & EFE Yearly Releases sections and these will recieve an update/rewrite in due course. The old pre April 2011 EFE Zone news & site update pages will retain their original design however.

Finally I hope you've found the site useful over the last 10 years and extend a big thank you to everyone who has contributed information & photographs over that period.

Kevin Ellis

Sunday 1 June
New Northcord Model Released In Hong Kong
A new Northcord model has been released in Hong Kong and features a tri-axle Alexander bodied Leyland Olympian in Citybus Big C livery. The model is limited to 800 pieces & has been produced for the Hong Kong Transport Society.
The model is available from the 80M Bus Model Shop based in Hong Kong (ref code CM096), it isn't known if there are any plans to make the model available to UK retailers.

Further details & larger photographs can also be found on the Oriental Model Buses site (News items: 29th May & 17th May).

HKBUS0004/CM096 - Hong Kong Citybus (179 / route 88R City One Station) - Leyland Olympian Alexander Tri-axle Double Deck Bus

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