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Model Kit Suppliers


Citibus Models

Kingsway Models
(Card Buidlings & Depot Kits)

Lancer Models

Little Bus Company

Mark Hughes Models
(Trams, Buses & Parts)

Marsden Models

Model Bus Company

Network Evolution
(Code 3 Model Repaints)

Nigel Roberts Models

Saltire Model Bus Kits

Sunrise Models

T i N Y Bus & Coach Kits

TrystCo Models

Model Bus & Coach Kits List
Peter Harrisons's Model Kits List

(Index of all known kits)


Bus & Coach Transfer Suppliers

Fox Transfers

Waterslide Transfers


Waterslide Transfers

Kingsway Models

Self adhesive adverts

Mabex Transfers
& Kingfisher Models

Waterslide Transfers

Model Omnibus

Waterslide Transfers

Modelmaster Jackson Evans

Waterslide Transfers

Sunrise Transfers

Waterslide Transfers

Paint Suppliers

Fleetmaster Paints

Enamel bus colours

Humbrol Paints

General range of enamel & Acrylic colours

Phoenix Precision Paints

Bus & Rail colours
Bus Operator Paint Match Chart


4mm Scale Bus & Coach Plans
Late Terry Blois

4mm Scale Bus & Coach Plans

Model Accessories
Model Accessories

Items for a Diorama
List of Depot models

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