When contacting the Little Bus Company, please do mention The Model Bus Website


 Karl: Tel: 01246 230468

Please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope with all enquires.

Within the UK, postage and packaging is £4.00 for up to four kits or £8.00 for 5 or more and scale wheels.
For overseas orders, Please add £8.00 P&P for up to 4 kits, and £16.00 for 5 or more kits and scale wheels.

^ DCN 1-2 - Duple Carribean Coach 1983

^ NC 63 - Daimler Fleetline/ N.C.M.E lowheight 1963

^ OLY1C - Leyland Olympian /Commuter Coach

^ WEY 62 - Leyland Leopard/ Weymann `Castillian` standard windows` 1962 `Southdown`

^ TSA1 - London Transport SA1/2 `South Africa style     ULB1/3 - Guy Arab 1 /Daimler CWG 5/6 Brush Utility `Lowbridge`^


Little Bus Company produced its first kit in 1993. The objective was to produce a model bus kit, in the best possible quality resin, with a minimum number of parts, which was easy to assemble.

The word 'assemble' is used instead of 'build' because, in terms of the body, the kit is already built when purchased.

To achieve this, the body had to be in one piece, as did the seating unit and chassis base, giving a maximum of 3 main parts (4 in the case of double deckers). The only remaining parts include the wheels, with axles, the steering wheel and glazing.

Apart from the single seating unit mentioned above, the kits include specially designed, push-fit, composite-rubber wheels and 'mix-and-match' systems to achieve a personalised model, with correctly-profiled destination screens, number plates and fleet names and numbers. These are also suitable for many die-cast models available on the market.

Karl Kingston joined Tony Asquith as a full partner in the business during 2015. This has lead to a few changes, the most notable being a change to the name and address (see contact panel to above)

Karl has taken over the `shop window` which means he will deal with all pre-orders, issue of new kits and any others still in stock.

All other enquiries regarding older kits will remain with Tony Asquith, however both will be able to help with any other requirements you may have.

Please note kits are produced in quantities based on pre-orders received plus a small surplus and thus often sell out quickly after release.

Please email Karl for the latest availability updates & kit prices.

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Kits In Stock - Pre-order New & Re-issue Kits For 2021-22
London Transport Kits - Previous LBC Kits (No Stock)

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KITS IN STOCK (18th August 2021)
Image Ref No. Model Availability
DCN 1/2 Duple Carribean Coach 1983 In Stock
NC 63 Daimler Fleetline N.C.M.E. Lowheight Maidstone & District - 1963 In Stock
OLY 1C Leyland Olympian ECW D/D Coach 1984 In Stock
WEY 62 Leyland Leopard/ Weymann `Castillian` standard windows` 1962 `Southdown` In Stock

Image Ref No. Model Availability
EK 65 AEC Reliance 590 Park Royal 1964 `East Kent` Future Kit
LWL 3 Bristol ECW coach `Queen Mary` Future Kit

TSA1 London Transport SA1/2 `South Africa style Future Kit
DY61J Ford Thames Duple Yeoman 1961 (`J` style side mouldings) Future Kit
KUF 700 Leyland PD2 `Northern Counties` double deck prototype coach Future Kit
MCW 84 MCW Metroliner 1984 Future Kit
NC78 Leyland Fleetline N.C.M.E. Lowheight
Chester South Notts Western
Future Kit
PR48S Leyland Tiger PS1 Park Royal `Southdown` 1948 Future Kit
ULB1/3 Guy Arab 1 /Daimler CWG 5/6 Brush Utility `Lowbridge` Future Kit

UNC1 Guy Arab 6LW NCME Relaxed Utility Highbridge 1945 Future Kit
WIL 12 Leyland PS2/5 Willowbrook 30ft B38F `Yorkshire Woollen Future Kit
BD66 Bedford VAM141 Duple 'Bella Venture' C45F - 1966 Future Kit
BJ 2 Bedford J21 Caetano Faro C20F - 1975 Future Kit
DOM4 Duple Dominant IV Express 11m SBG Destination C53F - 1982 Future Kit
FW50 Foden PVR / Whitson C41C - 1950 Future Kit
GOLD 3 Duple Goldliner III 1982 Future Kit
MMC 200 Enviro E200 MMC 11.8m 2014 Future Kit
NL Bova Europa C53F Coach 1981 Future Kit
PLA 69 Plaxton Elite 1 36` coach 1969 Future Kit
PLA4000 Plaxton 4000 Double Deck Coach Ribble, Yorkshire Traction, etc - 1985 Future Kit
ROE 65L Leyland Atlantean PDR ROE `Lowheight` 1965 Future Kit

RP AEC Reliance Park Royal DP45F LCBS 'RP class' 1972 Future Kit
VAS 5 Bedford VAS Duple Dominant 1976 Future Kit
WIL 11 Willowbrook 001 11metre bus Bedford/Ford 1974
(NBC/Independent operators).
Future Kit

Image Ref No. Model Availability
1/TD1 London Transport Leyland Tiger PS1 Mann Egerton 1946 Sold Out
14T12 London Transport AEC Regal Weymann 1946 Sold Out
LHS3 Bristol LH London Transport (BL BS Class) Guernsey West Yorks 1975 Sold Out
XAXF London Transport XA/XF class Atlantean/Fleetline 1965 Pre-order
447W London Transport AEC Regal (T class) converted stores lorry 1935 Sold Out
1018J London Transport AEC Regent (ex STL2661) Shelter carrier rebuilt 1954 Sold Out
5Q5 London Transport 5Q5 single deck bus 1936 Sold Out
832J London Transport AEC Regent (ex STL162) Emergency Breakdown Tender 1933 Sold Out
BRUTE London Transport Daimler /Brush Highbridge Utility 1946 Sold Out
DUDE Daimler/Duple Highbridge Utility 1946 Sold Out
SKZ1 Leyland Cub LT Trolleybus rescue tender Sold Out
RT3/4 London Transport RT Craven Body 1950 (Re-mastered) Sold Out
C 2C London Transport Cub C Class 1935-36 Sold out
LTL 3 London Transport  LTL1/3 'Scooter' Marshall re-build Sold out
RFS London Transport RF sightseeing DP Sold out
ST 1 Chiswick-bodied London Transport ST 1/1 1929-32 Sold out
STD 1 Leyland TD4 1937 London Transport STD Class Sold out
STL 6/1 London Transport STL class front entrance Weymann Sold out
STL 19 London Transport STL lowbridge Sold out
TBL 3 London Transport L3 class trolleybus Sold out

TSA1 London Transport SA1/2 `South Africa style Future Kit

Image Ref No. Model Availability
1400 Leyland TS7 Southdown 1400 1036 Sold out
ALEX M Bristol REMH Alexander Motorway Coach 1969 Sold Out
ALEX P Alexander P Type 1985 Sold Out
ATL 69 Leyland Atlantean PDR 2 2 door 1969 33' - Sheffield / Plymouth Sold out
ATLL Leyland Atlantean Lowbridge 1958 Sold Out
AN 3 Harrington bodied Albion Nimbus Devon General Sold out
AN4 Albion Nimbus Willowbrook Devon General 1961 Sold Out
AN5 Albion Nimbus /Weymann Halifax/Gt Yarmouth 1963 Sold Out
BB 2 Beadle Bedford lightweight 1949 (re-master with two style fronts) Sold Out
BD 2 Bedford Duple MK IV service bus Sold Out
BD3 Bedford Duple Vega `Big Bedford` coach 1950 (Re-mastered) Sold Out
BD 5 Bedford OB Mulliner body 1947 Sold Out
BD 59 Bedford Duple Super Vega 1959 Sold Out

BD 61 Bedford Duple Super Vega 1961 Sold Out
BEAD 7 Beadle-bodied Commer Rochester coach 1957 Sold out
BEAD 8 Commer/Beadle Rochester coach front entrance Sold out
BET1DP AEC Reliance 590 Willowbrokk 36' Dual Purpose 1963 Maidstone & District Sold out
BET 30 AEC Reliance BET Standard Bus 1965 Sold out
BET 61 AEC Reliance Park Royal DP 1961 Aldershot & District/City of Oxford 1961 Sold Out
BMR 2 AEC Regent V Bridgemaster front entrance Sold out
BMTH 39 Leyland TD5 Weymann full front Bournemouth Corporation 1939 Sold Out
BRH 1 Leyland PS 1 Brush Single-deck, 1948 Sold out
BRH 3 Daimler CVD 6 Brush Highbridge 1948 as Bradford Sold out
BSW 3 Bedford WTB 1933-39 Syd Wood body Sold out
BSW 4 Bedford OB 1946-50 Syd Wood body Sold out
BT 39 Bristol-bodied Bristol L5G bus Bristol Tramways / Doncaster 1939 - master casting shown Sold out
BTON 39 AEC Regent / Weymann Brighton Corp/ BH & D 1939 Sold Out
BURL 1/3 Leyland TS 7 Burlingham Half cab bus 1948 Sold Out
BURL 2 Leyland TS 7 Burlingham Half coach 1940 Sold Out
BURL 3 AEC Regal Burlingham Half cab bus 1948 Sold Out
BURL 4 Leyland Leopard Burlingham - Sheffield/Hebble/ YWD/Stevensons 1960 Sold Out
CAM 1 Leyland Royal Tiger Duple Coronation Ambassador - Southdown/E.Kent 1953 Sold Out
CHAT 39 Bristol K5G Weymann Highbridge Chatham & Dist/Maidstone & Dist 1939 Sold Out
COM 31 Duple Commander 31' 1964-5 Sold out
COM 36 Duple Commander 36' 1964-5 Sold out
CPO1 Leyland Comet CPO1 Duple C32F - 1950 Sold Out
CUB 1B Park Royal-bodied Leyland Cub KPZ2 bus Southdown 1937 Sold out
CUB 1C Harrington-bodied Leyland Cub KPZ2 bus Southdown 1937 Sold Out
DUDE Daimler/Duple Highbridge Utility 1946 Sold Out
DUP A Duple A-bodied Leyland Tiger coach Sold Out
DUPAL Bristol LL Duple A Coach - Southern/Western National 1951 Sold Out
DY61 Thames Yeoman Duple body (re-issue) 1961 Sold Out

ECW67 Bedford VAM / ECW bus 1967
(ECOC, WYRCC, Southern/Western National)
Sold Out
ECW 74 Daimler Fleetline /non standard ECW Sheffield 1974 Sold Out
EEL Burlingham-bodied Bedford WTB Bournemouth 1938/9 Sold out
EK 50 Dennis Lancet 3 Park Royal Coach `East Kent` 1950 Sold Out
ELC 1 Leyland Atlantean East Lancs (re-issue) Sold out
ELC2 Bristol VR East Lancs 1972 Sold Out
ELC3 Dennis Dominator East Lancs 1977 Sold Out
ELC 4 AEC Regent III East Lancs Highbridge 27` X 8`1952 as Eastbourne Corporation Sold out
ELC 5 Leyland TD 5 East Lancs re-body Sold out
ELC 9 Leyland PD2/12 East Lancs Highbridge 1957 Southdown Sold Out
FLN 69 Daimler Fleetline CRG6 Park Royal Birmingham Jumbo 1969 Sold Out
HAR 1 Leyland PS1/Harrington  as Grey Green, Surrey Motors and Southdown Sold out
HAR 35 Leyland Tiger TS7 Harrington Coach Maidstone & District`CKE` 1935 Sold Out
HAR 48 Harrington-bodied AEC Regal II coach 1948 - M&D (KKK reg.) Sold Out
HAR60 Commer Avenger I Harrington 'Crusader' Southdown - 1960
Sold Out
HD 38 Beadle-bodied Bristol L5G bus as Hants & Dorset Sandbanks Ferry - master casting shown Sold out
HR44 Leyland HR44 Olympic 1951 (Re-mastered) Sold Out
K3 Dennis Lance K3 East Lancs Aldershot & District 1948-50 Sold Out
K48L Bristol K ECW Lowbridge East Kent/Southdown 1948 Sold Out
LD 8 Leyland PD2/20 `Farington` Midland Red Sold out
LEY 27L Leyland PD2/12 `Farington` Lowbridge open platform Sold out
LHM Bristol LH Marshall Royal Blue Coach 1973 Sold Out
LHS 1 Bristol LHS/Marshall Devon General/Western National/S.Vectis 1972 Sold Out
LHS2 Bristol LH BUS LCBS (BN class) S Vectis Western National 1973 Sold Out
LHS3 Bristol LHS London Transport (BL BS Class) Guernsey West Yorks 1975 Sold Out
LLR Bristol LL ECW Bus rebody Sold Out
LOL1 Dennis Loline Aldershot & District 1958 Sold Out
LS 18 Midland Red BET 36' (LS18 Class) Sold Out
LS 51 Bristol LS coach 1951 Sold Out
LS 51R Bristol LS ECW 'Royal Blue' 1951 Sold Out
LWL 2 Bristol ECW/ LWL 30' x 8' single deck bus Sold out
MAS 1 Leyland PD2/30 Massey Highbridge 'St. Helens front' 1960/1 Sold out
MAS 4 Massey-bodied Leyland PD3 1966 - as Southend Sold out
MGO38 Leyland TS8/AEC Regal Weymann DP Midland General 1938 Sold Out
MONO AEC Monocoach Park Royal 1955 Sold Out
MW 59 Bristol MW Dual Purpose 1959 Sold out
MW 62 Bristol ECW MW Coach 1962 Sold Out
MW 66 Bristol MW /ECW Coach Royal Blue/Crosville variants 1966 Sold Out
NB 4 AEC Regent III Northern Coachbuilders Lowbridge as Oxford Sold out
NC 50 Leyland TD5 Rebody Northern Counties Southdown 1950 Sold Out
NC 69 Leyland Leopard N.C.M.E. Dual Purpose Southdown 1969 Sold Out
NEEP 1 Atlantean/Fleetline Neepsend body 1965 Sold out
PFN 0 Park Royal-bodied full-front AEC Regent V - open top Sold out
PFN 1 Park Royal-bodied full-front AEC Regent V as East Kent Sold out
PR48E Leyland Tiger PS1 Park Royal `East Kent` 1948 Sold out
PRV 3 Leyland TD5 Park Royal Lowbridge 'East Kent/Southdown' 1938 Sold out
RELL Bristol RELL/ECW Curved Windscreen 1965 Sold Out
ROE 1 Leyland TD 7 Roe Highbridge 1940 Sold Out
ROE 6 Roe re-bodied Guy Arab II Devon General (re-issue including platform doors) Sold out
ROE 7 AEC Regent III Roe Lowbridge 1947/8 Sold out
ROE 8 AEC Regent II Roe Lowbridge 1948 Sold out
ROE 9 AEC Regal II Roe bus 1948 Sold out
ROE10 (Right-hand model) Leyland PS2 version of ROE 9 Sold out
ROE 11 Roe Beverley Bar-bodied Leyland PD2/12 EYMS 1953 Sold Out
ROE 12 Leyland PD2/12 Roe D/D Coach `East Yorkshire` 1952 Sold Out
S 12 Midland Red S12 Sold out
SEA 70 AEC /Leyland Burlingham Seagull 70 1960 Sold Out
STC 4 Sentinel/Beadle  STC 4/40 27ft. 1950 Sold out
STC 6 Sentinel/Beadle  STC 6/44 30ft. 1951 Sold out
SWN40 Bristol-bodied Bristol L5G coach Southern/Western National coach - master casting shown Sold Out
TD48L Leyland TD5 ECW Lowbridge East Ken, Southdowe, Ribbel 1948 Sold out
TS6T Leyland TS6T Short Bros Bus `Southdown Beachy Head` 1938 Sold Out
TS 7D Leyland TS7D Beadle 'Portland' six-wheeler Sold Out
WAY1 Harrington Wayfarer I C26C (Southdown OUF 432-4) Sold out

WAY 2 AEC Reliance Harrington/Wayfarer II (re-master) 1954 Sold Out
WAY2S Leyland Tiger Cub Harrington Wayfarer2 `Silver Star` 1952 Sold Out

WAY 4 AEC/Leyland Harrington Wayfarer 4 1956 Sold Out
WAY 4S Leyland Harrington Wayfarer 4 `Silver Star` Sold Out
WEY 3 AEC Regal III Weymann single-deck bus 1948 Devon General Sold out
WEY38B Bristol K Weymann Maidstone & District 1938 (New Issue) Sold out
WEY 36L Leyland TD4 Weymann Lowbridge Maidstone & District `CKO`1936 Sold Out
WEY63 Weymann 'Castillian' Coach- Pan Windows - Southdown - 1963 Sold Out
WIL 1 AEC Regent V  Willowbrook 30` front entrance as Devon General Sold out
WIL 2 AEC Regent V Willowbrook 27` front entrance as Devon General Sold out
WIL 3B Leyland Atlantean Willowbrook as Brighton Corporation Sold out
WIL 3C Leyland Atlantean Willowbrook as Coventry Sold out
WIL 3D Leyland Atlantean Willowbrook as Devon General Sold out
WIL 4 AEC Regal III Willowbrook single-deck bus 1948 Sold out

WIL4DP Leyland PS2 Willowbrook Dual Purpose 1950 Sold Out
WIL 5 Leyland PS 2 Willowbrook single-deck bus 1948 Sold out
WIL 6 Willowbrook lowbridge-bodied Bristol K5G 1950 Conversion parts available to convert from a rear platform to rear doors Sold out
WIL 6H Willowbrook highbridge bodied AEC Regent III 1948 Sold out
WIL 7 Willowbrook-bodied AEC Reliance Viking coach Grey Cars 1961 Sold out
WIL 8 Willowbrook-bodied AEC Reliance Viscount coach Grey Cars 1957 Sold out
WIL 9 Leyland Royal Tiger Willowbrook Bus Devon General/Hebble 1956 Sold out
WIL 10 Willowbrook 003 11m Coach 1980 Sold out
WTB 37 Duple-bodied Bedford WTB coach - rear entrance Sold out
WTB 38M Duple bodied Bedford WTB Mail Bus Macbrayne 1936 Sold out
WTB39F Bedford WTB Duple Hendonian front entrance coach 1939 Sold Out
WULF Roe-bodied Guy Wulfrunian 'County' 1960 Sold Out

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