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A list of 1/76 scale kits compiled by Peter Harrison
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Recent changes in my model bus collection focus lead me to look at the bus kit market to see if I could acquire models of buses from the bus fleets I have an interest in. I was surprised how many kits of various sorts are/were available but found it very difficult to get details of exactly what kits were available.

Discussions on the model bus forum ‘dBi’ confirmed that a lot of other model bus collectors had a similar problem so I undertook an exercise to try and list all the 00 scale resin/white metal etc. bus kits that have been produced.

This has not been an easy task! Information has been gleaned from kit manufacturers websites, old catalogues and price lists, the Model Bus Federation Journal and forum, individual collectors collections, various shops and even eBay.

All this work has resulted in the list below. It is not perfect!

There are definitely kits produced not included, the gaps in some kit manufacturers number systems show that, there are no doubt errors and conflicting information but it is a start.

To improve the data I do need feedback. If you know of any kit that is missing or any of the data on the list that is incorrect then I, Peter Harrison, would be only too pleased to hear from you.

I will update the list at regular intervals so please keep checking it.

Finaly it should be noted that this is not a list of currently available products, many of the kits were produced in limited quantities by kit suppliers that were either small or one man concerns. As such the vast majority of the kits listed below have not been produced for many years.
Old kits & built models still turn up from time to time on eBay or at events organised by the Model Bus Federation.

© Peter Harrison

This material is protected by copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, or otherwise published without the prior written permission of the author.
I have endeavored to make the information in this list as accurate as possible however I do not claim 100% accuracy and will not therefore accept any liability for any omissions or errors.
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