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Sunday 28 October
TiNY Kits News
TiNY now have further stock of the following three kits available.

For further details of other kits currently available, and full contact information please visit the T i N Y Bus & Coach Model Kits page

Image Ref No. Model Availability
TK52B Bristol SC Bus (RE-STOCK) In Stock £36
TK53 Seddon Pennine 236 Midibus (RE-STOCK) In Stock £36
TK62A AEC RTV Orion lowbridge with open & enclosed platform options (RE-STOCK) In Stock £40

Friday 26 October
Confirmed Corgi OOC Model Releases
The following OOC models have now been released by Corgi in the UK.

OM46515A Brighton & Hove / Pride in our City livery (route 29 Tunbridge Wells) - Volvo B9TL Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 Double Deck Bus

OM46515B Brighton & Hove / Pride in our City livery (route 21 Brighton Marina & Queens Park) - Volvo B9TL Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 Double Deck Bus

Information kindly supplied by

Tuesday 23 October
Corgi OOC Fusiliers Set Announced
Corgi have posted details & design cells for a new OOC set which will be included in the Jan-Jun 2019 catalogue.
The set will mark the 50th Anniversary of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and will feature two Go Ahead Group vehicles which received special liveries to mark this milestone.

The first model will depict Go Ahead North East's Wright Gemini Eclipse 2 NL63 XCB (6117) and will have destinations for service 309 to Newcastle. This bus carries a black, red & gold livery.
Model two will feature Go Ahead London's New Routemaster LTZ 1394 (LT394) on route 15 to Tower Hill. This model has a yellow, black, red & gold livery that includes a image of a member of the regiment in full combat gear on the rear.

A detailed history of the Regiment along with design cells for both models has been included in the latest edition of the Diecast Diaries Blog on the Corgi Website.

The set number hasn't been announced yet, but the design cell for the New Routemaster includes the model reference OM46620.

Saturday 20 October
Little Bus Company Kits Update
The Little Bus Company have sent me a update on their currently available kits and forthcoming kits and plus some photographs of the latest masters.

For details of how to order the kits and a full list of all the planned future kits please visit the Little Bus Company page.

KITS IN STOCK (20th October 2018)
Image Ref No. Model Availability
DUPAL Bristol LL Duple A Coach - Southern/Western National 1951 In Stock

ECW67 Bedford VAM / ECW bus 1967
(ECOC, WYRCC, Southern/Western National)
In Stock
LHM Bristol LH Marshall Royal Blue Coach 1973 In Stock
LS 51R Bristol LS ECW 'Royal Blue' 1951 In Stock
TS6T Leyland TS6T Short Bros Bus `Southdown Beachy Head` 1938 In Stock

Image Ref No. Model Availability
PRV 3 Leyland TD5 Park Royal Lowbridge 'East Kent/Southdown' 1938 Re-Issue Due 2018/9
In Production

WAY 4 AEC/Leyland Harrington Wayfarer 4 1956 Re-Issue Due 2018/9
In Production

Image Ref No. Model Availability
K3 Dennis Lance K3 East Lancs Aldershot & District 1948-50 Future Kit
WEY63 Weymann 'Castillian' Coach- Pan Windows - Southdown - 1963 Future Kit

Saturday 20 October
Nigel Roberts Bristol SUS & SUL Kits
Nigel Roberts has released two Bristol bus kits & although most of his stock has been allocated to pre-orders he still has limited quantities of both of the following kits available for £40.00 each plus P&P.

For contract details, postage rates & payment methods please visit the Nigel Roberts Model page

Image Ref No. Model Availability

1 Bristol SUS ECW B30F
Supplied to Western / Southern National fleets in 1960
Limited Stock
plus P&P

2 Bristol SUL ECW C33F MK I
Supplied to Western / Southern National fleets in 1960
(The early original body style with the ECW front 'wings')
Limited Stock
plus P&P

Saturday 20 October
Forward Models Latest Releases
The latest pair of releases from Forward Models are a pair of Daimler CVG6 double deck buses in Glasgow & Manchester liveries.

Both of the models are limited editions of 500 pieces and are supplied with numbered certificates.

Two further Daimler CV6 models in Rotherham & Belfast liveries are due later this year. Additional versions in Coventry, Cardiff, Lancashire United and West Bromwich liveries will follow in due cause

Click to view Forward Models Press Release

The models are available direct from Forward Models or from various model retailers.

You can view a list of the Forward Models HERE

Tuesday 19 October (Amended 24 October)
Confirmed Corgi OOC Model Releases
The following models have now been released to UK model retailers

The Yardley Wood Bus Club has informed me that the labels applied to the boxes show the ref numbers for the Wilts & Dorset models transposed to those that are stated on the Corgi website and in the catalogue.
Update 24th October: The model pages for OM40821A & B have been altered to match the box numbers & destination on the issued items.

OM40821A Wilts & Dorset (route 38A Salisbury Limited Stop) - Bristol Lodekka FS6G double deck bus (Prior to release Corgi listed this model as OM40821B)

OM40821B Wilts & Dorset (route 38A Bournemouth Limited Stop) - Bristol Lodekka FS6G double deck bus (Prior to release Corgi listed this model as OM40821A)

CC42418 Fox's of Hayes (Beatles Magical Mystery Tour) - Bedford VAL Plaxton Panormama Coach

Information kindly supplied by

Friday 19 October
Latest London Bus Museum Resin Bus Model
The London Bus Museum's latest exclusive Resin Specialist models will be launched at the Museum's "TransportFest" on Sunday the 21st October.

The latest pair of models depict the London Transport ST type AEC Regent I with Dodsons double deck body and will be available in two versions.

One model depicts the museum's own ST GJ 2098 which is preserved in Thomas Tilling livery, this model has destinations for route 146A to Keston. The second version depicts ST839 on route 159 to Oxford Circus and this is finished in London Transport's early style red, white & silver livery.

Both models are limited to 250 pieces & each is priced £99. My understanding is that should any stock be left after the event the models will be available to mail order from the Museum's shop.

Further details about the event which will have a Leyland vehicles focus this year can be found on the Museum's website.

Wednesday 17 October
Northcord Models News
Northcord Models have delayed the release of two models which had been expected to be released shortly in the UK after it was found that the fleet names had been incorrectly applied out of alignment by the factory.

The models affected are the Reading Buses ADL Enviro400 MMC UKBUS0061 & UKBUS0062, both have been returned to the factory for reworking to remedy the issue as best as possible.

The reworked models will be available for public sale in due course and will be more accurate to the actual bus portrayed.

Northcord Model Update
ukbus6514 : First in Glasgow (33982HB - SN65 OFX)

Northcord Model Company is pleased to be able to advise collectors and traders of a change to the designated bus to be featured as ukbus6514.

Following the successful launch of the bus from its order for 75 new buses, First Glasgow has approved changing the identity of the bus featured as ukbus6514 from 33982 to 33201 (SK68 LWN). This change will reflect the massive investment in new buses for First Glasgow and will provide NMC with its first "68-plate" bus to be modelled.

The newly designated ukbus6514 will also provide another "first" for NMC as it will be the first model that has been produced by the company that will NOT portray one of the company's trademark features : there will be NO driver rear-view mirrors fitted to the outside of the model.

Instead NMC is proud to announce that it will replicate the driver rear-view cameras that are fitted to 33201 on ukbus6514.

Although the first bus from the order of 75 new First Glasgow buses was displayed at the public launch on the 9th October 2018 inside a replica 1:1 scale model box, NMC confirms it will replicate the model 33201 to its standard 1:76 scale.

More details about the new First Glasgow Enviro400 MMC buses can be found on the site.

Tuesday 16 October & Updated 19 October
Next Corgi OOC Model Releases
The following models have now arrived in the UK according to Corgi's wesbite and should be released to model retailers shortly.

OM40821A* Wilts & Dorset (route 38A Bournemouth Limited Stop) - Bristol Lodekka FS6G double deck bus (*Box label shows OM40821B)

OM40821B* Wilts & Dorset (route 38A Salisbury Limited Stop) - Bristol Lodekka FS6G double deck bus (*Box label shows OM40821A)

CC42418 Fox's of Hayes (Beatles Magical Mystery Tour) - Bedford VAL Plaxton Panormama Coach

Update 19th October
* The Wilts & Dorset models have been issued with the box ref numbers transposed to that shown in the Corgi catalogue & on their website.
Please be aware of this when ordering these models as this change will no doubt cause a degree of confusion to some retailers.

The box labels & models now associated:
OM40821A route X38 Salisbury Limited Stop
OM40821B Route X38 Bournemouth Limited Stop

Monday 15 October
Photographs Of Forthcoming EFE Models
Bachmann Europe have kindly sent sets of photographs showing pre-production samples of three of the EFE models they announced in August.

The final production models may differ slightly from the models illustrated below. Release date to be announced..

E16611 London Transport (LT Golden Juilee livery) - Leyland National Mk I Dual Door Bus
        LS194 - THX 194S - Route 234A Purley Old Lodge Lane

E34115 London Transport (Final crew operated route 75 bus into Catford Garage on 25 February 1977) - AEC RT Bus
        RT3853 - LLU 652 - Route 75 Catford Garage - Limited Edition of 800 models supplied with numbered certificate

E34116 Browns Blue, Marksfield - AEC RT Bus
        KLB 596 - Route -- Coalville via Barwell, Earl Shilton, Newbold Verdon

Friday 05 October
Four Confirmed Oxford Omnibus Range Releases
Oxford Diecast have now released the following models to UK retailers.

76COM008CC Coca Cola - Commer Commando Coach

76DR005 Ribble - Duple Roadmaster Coach

76IR6004 Galleon Travel - Scania Irizar i6 Coach

76SB002 Maidstone & District - Saro Single Deck Bus

Friday 05 October & updated 13 October
New Oxford Diecast Omnibus Range Models Announced
The following Omnibus range models have been announced by Taff on Facebook and will appear in the new October 2018 to January 2019 Oxford Diecast catalogue.

1/76 Scale

76DC002 Grey Cars - Duple Commander MkII Coach - Due Q2/2019

76MW6005 Thames Valley - Bristol MW6G Coach - Due Q2/2019

76PAN009 National (Ribble) - Plaxton Panorama Coach - Due Q2/2019

76SB004 County Donegal Railways - Saro Bus - Due Q2/2019

76FTC011 London Underground (6683F) - Ford Transit Connect (Oxford Commercials) - Due Q2/2019

76TPU003 London Underground (7111F) - Ford Transit Dropside (Oxford Commercials) - Due Q2/2019

1:148 (N) Scale

NRT007 Browns Blue - RT Bus - Due Q2/2019

NTR008 London Transport - Tram - Due Q2/2019

A full list of all the various forthcoming Oxford models, including those newly announced in the Oct 18 - Jan 19 catalogue can be found of the site of wholesaler John Ayrey Diecasts.

Update 13 October
A PDF version of latest catalogue can now be viewed on the Oxford Diecast website.

Wednesday 03 October
Another Oxford Omnibus Range Release Due
In addition to the models mentioned last week, Oxford Diecast are also due to release the following later this week.

76SB002 Maidstone & District - Saro Single Deck Bus
Information kindly supplied by

Wednesday 03 October
Cheap Atlas Classic Coaches Collection Models
Hattons Model Railways have acquired further stock of the Atlas Classic Coaches Collection models.
They now have most of the UK related models with prices ranging from £4 to £12.
The early UK & all the European models are 1/72nd scale but the later UK models are based on OOC 1/76th scale tooling.

Some of scales quoted on the Hattons site are incorrect, the correct scales are shown below for each model, the ref no. links will open the model page with photos.

The model available at the time of posting are:
4642101 Burlingham Seagull - "J.T. Whittle & Sons" (1/72)
4642102 Bedford VAL Plaxton Panorama - "Wallace Arnold" (1/72)
4642103 Bedford OB Duple Vista - "Dewsway Tours" (1/72)
4642104 Van Hool T9 - "Kings Ferry" (1/72)
4642105 Kässbohrer Setra S8 Coach Reisedienst Oberbach (1/72)
4642108 IFA H6 B - plain silver (1/72)
4642110 Bova Futura - "Allander Travel" (1/76)
4642111 Plaxton Excalibur - "Excelsior Holidays" (1/76)
4642112 Van Hool - "York Pullman" (1/76)
4642113 Borgward BO 4000 Coach - 'Wander Falke' (1/72)
4642114 BMMO CM5T - "Midland Red" (1/76)
4642115 Mercedes Benz O 3500 - 'Reiser Reisen' (1/72) 4642116 Plaxton Excalibur - "Trent Barton Transpeak" (1/76)
4642117 Van Hool 306 Coach (1/72)
4642118 Magirus-Deutz Saturn II - Hamburg (1/72)
4642125 Mavaut Ikarus 66 - Hungary (172)
4642126 Fleischer S5 - Heide Express (1/72)

You can view the models on the Hatton Model Railways site.

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