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Friday 28 September
Confirmed Northcord UK Release
The following model has now been released by the UK Northcord distributor and should be available from model retailers imminently.

UKBUS6506 First Bristol - ADL Enviro400 MMC Double Deck Bus

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Wednesday 26 September
Next Oxford Omnibus Range Releases
The following Oxford Diecast Omnibus range models are due to be released next week.

76COM008CC Coca Cola - Commer Commando Coach

76DR005 Ribble - Duple Roadmaster Coach

Wednesday 26 September
Latest EFE Model Release
Bachmann are now releasing the Devon General NBC Bristol RELL EFE model in their appointed stockists.

This latest model once again features a number of enhancements to the original EFE tooling. Firstly two vertical panel lines previously missing on the RELL toolings have been added to each side of the model.
Driving mirrors are the second addition & this is the first EFE Bristol RE model to have them.

The model also has the hand grabs highlight in silver on the backs of the passenger seats and there are tiny no smoking signs on the forward most side windows.

POD 825H (2726) is finished in the National Bus Company's standard red livery, the only relief being the white waistband & Devon General fleet names. The bus is depicted working on service 374 bound for Exeter.

E25006 Devon General NBC - Bristol RELL ECW Bus with Flat Windscreen

Click the thumbnails below to open larger images of the final production model

Saturday 22 September
Corgi Publish Photo's of Forthcoming OOC Releases
The latest Corgi Diecast Diaries blog includes several photographs showing the latest pre-production samples of the OOC models included in the current catalogue and due for release later this year.
These include the first image of the Trandev "the shuttle" Wright Eclipse II in actual model form.

Corgi Diecast Diaries Corgi models by land, air and sea blog posting.

Tuesday 18 September
Northcord Models Press Release: UKBUS0061 & UKBUS0062
This press press was issued last week by the Northcord Model Company upon the Hong Kong release of both models.


ADL Enviro400 MMC

ukbus 0061 Reading Buses /
ukbus 0062 Reading Buses Greenline

Following the significant success in launching the brand new casting of the Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMC model in the livery of Go-Ahead London, National Express West Midlands, Stagecoach London, Stagecoach in Oxfordshire, and First Bristol, Northcord Model Company is releasing the sixth and seventh versions – ukbus 0061 and ukbus 0062 in the livery of Reading Buses.

ukbus 0061 / 0062 represents fleet number 758 (YX64 VRU), utilising the 10.9 metre, single door casting (the actual bus has 11.5 metre long body), that was new to Reading Buses in 2015. 758 is unique in carrying Reading Buses’ full, standard livery whilst other E400 MMCs in the fleet carry different route brandings. ukbus 0061 also carries the very special UK Bus Awards commemorative adverts on both sides, that read, “proud to run one of Britain’s best bus services”, “proud to be one of Britain’s best bus companies”, “Bus Operator of the Year 2015” and “Shire Operator of the Year 2012-2016”. ukbus 0061 is showing the “generic livery” 758 operating on busy route 17 which runs between Wokingham Road and Tilehurst, a route that had previously featured on the much acclaimed ukbus 9005 that carried full route branding for route 17.

Reading Buses took over operation of “Green Line” route 702 (London Victoria – Bracknell) from First at the end of 2017. As one of the spare buses in the fleet, 758 was allocated to this ‘Green Line’ duty accordingly. ukbus 0062 carries special Green Line banners on each side as a temporary scheme on 758, with the destination at the front displaying “Legoland Windsor 702”.

Further additional details carried by both models include the free wifi logo on the windows on the front and offside, and full rear advertising to promote “cheaper tickets on your phone”.

The Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMC ukbus 0061 / 0062 is a one-piece casting whose clean lines accentuate the square, gasket-mounted windows and the livery application on which all logos and lettering are clearly legible. Another main feature on the ukbus 0061 / 0062 models is twin tree protectors at the front. The front dome on the model is significant, with curved windscreens on both upper deck and lower deck.

Northcord Model Company is also creating new design standards within the interior of both saloons. These features, inside the compartments, will represent the real, outstanding layout of the Enviro400 MMC, such as the extensive portrayal of handrails on upper deck and lower deck, etc.

The brand new 10.9 metre Enviro400 MMC bus models will be distributed by Concorde Hobby Shop (HK) respectively. The ukbus 0061 model is limited to 1008 pieces, whilst ukbus 0062 model is limited to 504 pcs worldwide.

Tuesday 11 September
Invicta Model Rail Commissioned EFE Models
Invicta Models have sent me some photographs of the pre-production sample of their latest exclusive commissioned EFE model which is expected to be released later this year.

16609Z Bexleybus (53 - THX 178S / Route 269 Bromley North)- Short Leyland National Mark I 2 Door

The model can be pre-ordered from the Invicta Model Rail website and will be a limited edition of 500 pieces.

Friday 7 September
Confirmed Oxford Diecast Omnibus Range Release
The following model has now been released by Oxford Diecast and should be with UK model retailers in the coming days.

76WFA007 North Western - Weymann Fanfare AEC Reliance Coach (1/76 scale)

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Friday 7 September
TTC Diecast Exclusive EFE Models
TTC Diecast have sent me details of two EFE models that are exclusive to them.

Firstly the TTC Diecast have now received a pre-production sample of the commissioned EFE East London Coaches Leyland National Mark I model 16610Z which is being produced by Bachmann Europe PLC.

16610Z East London Coaches - Short Leyland National Mark I 2 Door

The model can be pre-ordered from the TTC Diecast website.
The second item is the latest model in TTC's ‘Rally Souvenir’ series. This model carries advertising for the Buses Festival 2018 which was held a Gaydon last month. The unofficial code 3 model is limited to just 50 certificated pieces and comes in blue Deluxe stye packaging.

31801TTC London Transport - Buses Festival 2018 (Route 18 Gaydon) - AEC RMA Class Routemaster Bus

A few examples are still available for £20 plus P&P from the TTC Diecast website.

Friday 7 September
Northcord Models Press Release
Northcord Models has issued the following press release regarding a number of future new model releases for 2018 & beyond.

Model Release Update
As the first tranche of models announced last year will be completed with the release of the Reading Buses models early next month, it is good timing for NMC to announce some further planned releases that will cover quarter 4 of 2018 and into early 2019.

Part One : Models that have had the pre-production samples produced and / or authorised for final production by the operator

ukbus 0061 : Reading Buses (758 – YX64 VRU) – September 2018 (renumbered from ukbus 6505)
ukbus 0062 : Reading Buses Greenline (758 – YX64 VRU) – September 2018 (new details)

ukbus 6507A : Bluestar (1641 – HF66 CFM) Rt1 Winchester – October 2018

ukbus 6507B : Bluestar (1641 – HF66 CFM) Rt1 Southampton – October 2018

ukbus 6508A : National Express West Midlands (6843 – SN66 WFM) X1 Coventry – November 2018

ukbus 6508B : National Express West Midlands (6843 – SN66 WFM) X1 Birmingham – November 2018

Part Two : Planned models that are awaiting pre-production samples to be made and / or final operator authorisation

ukbus 6509 : Abellio Bus (2600 – YY67 GZW)

ukbus 6510 : Yellow Buses (200 – SN17 MTO)
ukbus 6511 : Stagecoach West Scotland (10930 – SN67 XAY)
ukbus 6512 : Southern Vectis (1660 – HW67 AHY)
ukbus 6513 : Stagecoach South (10892 – YX67 VCE)
ukbus 6514 : First in Glasgow (33982HB – SN65 OFX changed to 33201 - SK68 LWN)
ukbus 6515 : Metroline (TEH2087 – LK15 CUH)

Northcord Model Company Ltd (thereafter referred to by the shorthand name “Northcord”) has become increasingly aware of a number of questions, rumours and comments on Social Media that refer to various aspects of Northcord’s status.

We wish, therefore, to clarify the current situation regarding these questions.

“The former toolings that were used by CMNL / NMC were taken away by third parties and are not in the ownership of NMC”.
This is completely untrue. NMC has all former CMNL toolings safely stored at the factory which will produce future models initiated by Northcord.

Secondly, “The old CMNL / NMC toolings are unable to be reused due to damage from inactivity”
This is also untrue. The older castings are quite able to be reactivated when the time is right and when further liveries are found that will be commercially viable.

Please note that the release dates quoted above are anticipated completion dates, not necessarily when the models will be on sale at your retailer. Some detail may change during the production process.

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