Prevous Model AEC RT Class Double Deck Bus
LBrowns Blue Coaches, Marksfield (As Preserved)
E34116 front view
Design cell by courtesy of Bachmann Europe PLC
Fleet No.-- RegistrationKLB 596
Route No.BB DestinationCoalville via Barwell
AdvertsClemersons (nearside) Baylis (off-side, Expresso (front), rear to be confirmed.
LiveryBlue with red muguards & between decks band.
NotesModel Info: Preserved former London Transport RT1347 registration KLB 596 has been repainted to represent one of nine similar vehicles acquired secondhand by Browns Blue Coaches Ltd of Markfield, Leicestershire in 1958. Eight RTs had the familiar route number box fitted on the front roof dome, the exception was ex-RT173 HLW 160 which received a later non-roofbox body during overhaul but had been disposed of early by LT.
Although RT173 no longer exists, KLB 596 represents a non-roofbox Browns Blue RT.
We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of RT1547's owner Mick Gamble, whose authoritative work ‘Browns Blue: The Leicestershire Bus Company That Took the Community to Its Heart’ was published in 2012.
IssuedFuture Release Release Standard
 Prevous Model