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31907/3 (Code 3)
London Transport (Route X60)
31907/3 front & rear view
Photographs kindly supplied by Derek W. Wright
Fleet No.RML884 RegistrationWLT 884
Route No.X60 DestinationRoutemaster Circular
Adverts"Routemaster 1954-2014" (both sides & rear lower). "London Transport" (Front & upper rear)
LiveryRed with biege between decks band
NotesProduced by the Routemaster Association and available at the Routemaster 60 event held in Finsbury Park on the 12th July 2014. MOdel as Routemaster 60 logos on both sides.
This model is a code 3 reworking of the earlier code 2 model 31907 and the between decks advertisements & destination blinds are printed on labels.
IssuedJuly 2014 Release Code 3 / standard
31907/3 nearside view 31907/3 off-side view
31907/3 Box & labels
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