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31907/2 (Code 3)
London Transport (Route 104)
31907/2 front view 31907/2 rear view
Photographs kindly supplied by Mervyn Jones
Fleet No.RML884 RegistrationWLT 884
Route No.104 DestinationNorth Finchley
Adverts"Black & White" (nearside) "Golden Wonder Crisps - Hear that taste!" (off-side). "on the way back GUIN / NESS" (front adverts), "Avoid The Rush Hour" & "Shop Between 10 And 4" (upper rear) "SP41 Radial Ply C41 Crossply Dunlop - Give You Two Kinds Of Best" (lower rear)
LiveryRed with biege between decks band
NotesLimited edition of 500 certificated models issued by the Routemaster Association. This model is a code 3 reworking of the earlier code 2 model 31907 and the between decks advertisements & destination blinds are printed on labels.
IssuedOctober 2012 Release Code 3 / standard
31907/2 front view 31907/2 rear view
31907/2 The supplied numbered certificate 31907/2 Box label
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