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Friday 30 October
Corgi OOC Confirmed Releases
Corgi has now released the following models in the UK.

OM46710A First Hampshire (route E2 Gosport Ferry) - Wright Eclipse 2 single Deck Bus
OM46710B First Hampshire (route E2 Fareham Bus Station) - Wright Eclipse 2 single Deck Bus

Thursday 29 October
Atlas Classic Coaches Collection not 1/76 Scale
I've been contacted by John Catchpol who has taken a closer look at the recently released Atlas Editions Burlingham Seagull coach model.

He notes the following
(1) The model is 1/72 scale and not 1/76, despite the dimensions on the advertising flyer being that which would be applicable to 1/76 (120x32x40), it is rather larger being 127mm long and approx 2mm higher than would be applicable. With this difference it does not sit comfortably with my other 1/76 models.
Indeed on the base plate it states that it is a 1/72 model.
This is quite frustrating as most of us would wish to have models which sit well with one another.

(2) There are many differences in the casting to the OOC model.
At a quick glance I noticed variations in the body strapping, windows more flush, higher windscreen but shallower side widows, a strange treatment where the front of the door does not extend onto the windows, whilst both the wheels and the treatment of the destination apertures differ.
Having said that this does not imply a criticism of this casting (apart from the reference above to the door at window level, and also to rather unrealistic wing mirrors which could well sideswipe any pedestrians or oncoming traffic!).

It will be interesting to see if the other UK announced models are also be new 1/72nd scale tooling or use the existing 1/76 scale OOC tooling. Atlas has already announced that they will be using some of the tooling used for previous European collections and it seems that most of these are 1/72nd scale.

I've taken some quick comparison photographs of the OOC Ulsterbus model AN40306 & the latest Whittle's Atlas Editions models side by side to show the differences that John has pointed out.

Near sides
Width difference
Length difference
Baseplate scale text

Thursday 29 October
Confirmed BT & Britbus Model Releases
The following BT & Britbus models have now been released in the UK.

B-T Models

B115A Hants & Dorset (route 63) - Bristol LD6G Bus (Short Radiator / Open Platform)
B115B Hants & Dorset (route 22) - Bristol LD6B Bus (Long Radiator / Platform Doors)
B115C Hants & Dorset (Yellow Driver Training Bus) - Bristol LD6G Bus (Long Radiator / Platform Doors)

Britbus (Asianbus)

MB01 Fok Lei, Macau (M-87-60 / route 11) - Bristol Lodekka LD Double Deck Bus
MB02 Fok Lei, Macau (M-87-59 / no route number) - Bristol Lodekka LD Double Deck Bus
Information kindly supplied by

Thursday 29 October
Confirmed EFE Releases
The following EFE models have now been released to retailer in the UK.

24823 Norfolk Green (route 47) - Mercedes Benz Plaxton Minibus
28608 First Greater Manchester (route 559) - GM Standard Leyland Atlantean Double Deck Bus
29807 Southend Transport (route 6) - Wright bodied Dennis Lance Single Deck Bus
Information kindly supplied by

Monday 26 October
Tiny Model Kits Update
Tiny have sent me an update regarding the latest kit developments.

The next new kit release is due in November and will be the 1960 Alexander 'straight-waist' single decker. The kit is available in two versions, either a B45F bus (TK17B) or DP41F dual purpose vehicle (TK17D). Reservation are still being accepted for the kits.

The Bristol SC bus kit (TK52B) has sold out for a second time, however reservation are being taken for a third run of the kit.

Kits currently in stock.

TK3 - Crossley SD42 single-decker - £37.00

TK7 - Daimler CD650 Tailby & George - £40.00

TK9 - Barton PD1 Duple L53F - £43.00

TK14 - Roe utility trolleybus - £41.00

TK20 - 1952 MCW Hermes Type A - £38.00

TK27 - 1958-63 Alexander H61-66R with chassis options - In stock with TC Options £40.00

TK34 - 36' Harrington Cavalier Coach - £37.00

For a full list of all the planned future kits and contact details and postage rates please see the Tiny kits page.

Sunday 25 October
Little Bus Company Kits Update
The Little Bus Company has sent me an update on current in stock kits & a new list of future kits.

Karl Kingston has now joined Tony Asquith as a full partner in the business. This has lead to a few changes, the most notable being a change to the name and address:

Karl will be taking over the `shop window` which means he will deal with all pre-orders, issue of new kits and any others still in stock.

All other enquires regarding older kits will remain with Tony Asquith, however both will be able to help with any other requirements you may have.
The Little Bus Company kits page has been updated and also has full contact details.

The Little Bus Company's website can be found at

Kits In Stock
Image Ref No. Model
5Q5 London Transport 5Q5 single deck bus 1936
BRUTE London Transport Daimler /Brush Highbridge Utility 1946
DY61 Thames Yeoman Duple body (re-issue) 1961
ROE 11 Roe Beverley Bar-bodied Leyland PD2/12 EYMS 1953
WIL4DP Leyland PS2 Willowbrook Dual Purpose 1950

Newly Announced Kits

If your interested in any of the following it's recommended you place a pre-order with the Little Bus Company as runs of the kits are limited. A full list of all the other proposed kits can be found on the Little Bus Company kits page along with sample pictures of all the subjects.

LLR - Bristol LL ECW Bus rebody
NC 50 - Leyland TD5 Rebody Northern Counties Southdown - 1950
DUPAL - Bristol LL Duple A Coach Southern/Western National - 1951
MONO - AEC Monocoach Park Royal - 1955
WIL 9 - Leyland Royal Tiger Willowbrook Bus Devon General/Hebble - 1956
ATLL - Leyland Atlantean Lowbridge - 1958
LOLI - Dennis Loline Aldershot & District - 1958
BURL4 - Leyland Leopard Burlingham Sheffield/Hebble/YWD/Stevensons - 1960
XAXF - London Transport XA/XF class Atlantean/Fleetline - 1965
PLA 69 - Plaxton Elite 1 36` coach - 1969
ROE 12 - Leyland PD2/12 Roe D/D Coach `East Yorkshire` - 1951
LHS 2 - Bristol LHS BUS LCBS (BN class) S Vectis/Western National - 1973
LHM - Bristol LH Marshall Royal Blue Coach - 1973
LHS 3 - Bristol LH London Transport (BL BS Class) Guernsey/West Yorks - 1975
VAS 5 - Bedford VAS Duple Dominant - 1976
DCN1/2 - Duple Carribean 1/2 - 1983
ALEX P - Alexander P Type - 1985

Finally a sample model photograph of the forthcoming kit SEA 70 an AEC /Leyland Burlingham Seagull 70 coach which will be released in 2016.

Saturday 24 October & updated 25 October
EFE Warehouse Open Weekend & Latest Subscriber Newletter
EFE's sixth newsletter of the year arrived today.
The main subject is EFE's forthcoming Warehouse Open Weekend which will be held in November, and will be an invitation only event.
EFE are doing this because it's a new idea and they are unsure what the level of response might be.
If your interested in going to the event. I'd advise you head over to EFE's news blog where you will find all the information needed to obtain an invitation.

There's also news of the latest exclusive subscriber model, a London Transport RCL training bus. The model of RCL2245 wears London Country green & yellow livery, but has white roudels, L plates and appropriate "Private Driver Under Instruction" destination displays. The model is priced £32.50 inc UK P&P.

32006 London Transport Driver Trainer (RCL2245) - AEC RCL Routemaster Bus

Two previously unannounced models are listed in the Forthcoming New Models Releases section. No further details are given.
12122 Southdown - Harrington Cavalier Coach
34112 London Transport - AEC RT3 Bus
Courtesy of EFE, a scan & PDF of Release Sheet 8 2015.
Releases Issue 8 2015 Scan Subscriber Model Scan
You can view a PDF version of the release sheet HERE (4.6mb).
EFE Release Sheet Archive

Update 25 October
There appears to have been further changes made to the United Counties Bristol VRT 38124.
The release sheet now shows the destination as 128 Cambridge rather than 265 Peterborough The EFE News blog additionally shows the vehicle's identity has been changed to 756 (UBD 756H), this is different to that originally advised, & quoted on the latest release sheet.
Cat No. 38124
Vehicle Flat Windscreen Bristol VRT
Operator United Counties
Fleet No. 756
Registration UBD 756H
Route 128 Cambridge
Expected November 2015

Saturday 24 October & updated 25 October
Atlas Editions Classic Coaches Collection Release
I received the Whittle's Burlingham Seagull coach from Atlas Editions today, this is the first model in the recently announced Classic Coaches Collection. The series will include both UK & European models, with the latter based on some of the tooling previously used by Atlas Editions for collections issued in other parts of Europe.

The second model will be a Wallace Arnold Plaxton Panorama Bedford VAL, a flyer enclosed with the first models also has photographs & details of five further models in the series.
1948 Bedford OB Duple Vista - Ron W Dew
1965 Plaxton Panorama - Samuel Ledgard
2002 Bova Futura - Allander Travel
1953 Henschel HS 100N - Maroon & cream livery
1949 Mercedes Benz 0 3500 - Reiser Reisen

All the UK models announced so far, appear to be based on Corgi OOC tooling.

The first model comes in a card box and is screwed to its plastic plinth using two standard cross head screws. Unlike the earlier Great British Bus models, these haven't been hidden under a plastic cover, making separation of model & plinth an easy process.

The model is protected in its box by two vacuum formed plastic shells, given the models are posted out in the usual plastic mailing bags, this may offer some additional security during delivery.

Detail wise the model looks to be close to OOC standards, this first model at least has driving mirrors and a full set of decals.

In addition to the model there is also a certificate of authenticity which has some information about the vehicle on the rear. The first model also comes with a print Scarborough Seagull painted by of Paul Atchinson.

Atlas 4642 101: Whittle & Sons - Burlingham Seagull Coach

Additional photographs of the model & packaging
Front view of model
Rear view of model
Model & supplied extras
Model base has Atlas Editions branding
Classic Coaches Packaging 1
Classic Coaches Packaging 2

Further details about the collection can be found on the Atlas Editions UK site.

Friday 23 October
Sunrise Model Kits Update
Sunrise Models have sent me details of the latest kit availability and news of no less than 22 new kits which are planned to be released through to 2017.

Kits Currently In Stock

Kit 2 - 1955 Alexander Single Deck Bus - Third run nearly sold out - Check before ordering

Kit 13 - 1948/9 Commer Commando with Croft body - £38.00

Kit 17 - 1937/8 GNR Gardner Coach - £38.00

Kit 34 - 1952 Alexander Coronation Coach with centre entrance - £35.00

The following kits have been added to the existing list of planned future kits.
Kit 47 - Albion Lowlander/Northern Counties - due 2016
Kit 48 - Leyland Lion PLSC3/Leyland forward-entrance - due January 2016
Kit 49 - Leyland Lion PLSC3/Leyland rear-entrance- due January 2016
Kit 50 - Leyland Lion PLSC3/Leyland cut-away rear entrance - due January 2016
Kit 51 - 1930s Fordson BB/Martin - due 2016
Kit 52 - Surprise model to be released at MBF Scotland show - November 2015
Kit 53 - Surprise model to be released at MBF Scotland show - November 2015
Kit 54 - To be announced & released in November or December 2015
Kit 55 - 1930 Gilford 168OT/Wycombe C32F - due 2016/17
Kit 56 - 1930s Albion Valiant PV70/Cowieson rear and forward-entrance options - due 2016/17
Kit 57 - 1948 Guy Arab III/Brockhouse single-decker - due 2016/17
Kit 58 - Strathclyde PTE style Leyland Atlantean/Alexander single-deck conversion - due 2016/17
Kit 59 - 1964 Glasgow Corporation style Leyland Panther/Alexander W B—D - due 2016/17
Kit 60 - MCW Metrorider short version, possible Optare option - due 2016/17
Kit 61 - Alexander TC coach - due 2016/17
Kit 62 - Alexander TE express coach 11m and 12m options - due 2016/17
Kit 63 - Alexander TS service bus - due 2016/17
Kit 64 - Leyland Royal Tiger Roe Doyen - due 2016/17
Kit 65 - To be announced
Kit 66 - Ailsa B55-10/Alexander RV - due 2016/17
Kit 67 - Volvo Citybus/Alexander RV - due 2016/17
Kit 68 - 1958 Glasgow Corporation style BUT/Burlingham single-deck trolleybus - due 2016/17
Kit 69 - Alexander Dash single-decker - due 2016/17
Kit 70 - Alexander ALX200 single-decker - due 2016/17

A full list of all the future kits along with sample photographs of most of the subject vehicles can be found on Sunrise Models page. You can also find full contact details on the page if you are interested in ordering current kits, or wish to place a reserve on of any of the future kits.

Tuesday 20 October
Next EFE Releases
The following EFE models are scheduled to be released during the week ending the 31st October.

24823 Norfolk Green (route 47) - Mercedes Benz Plaxton Minibus
28608 First Greater Manchester (route 559) - GM Standard Leyland Atlantean Double Deck Bus
29807 Southend Transport (route 6) - Wright bodied Dennis Lance Single Deck Bus
Information kindly supplied by

Friday 16 October
Confirmed Corgi OOC Releases
Corgi has rescheduled the release of the following model which had been expected next week. It is now due to be released along with the pair of First Hampshire Wright Eclipse II single deck buses (OM46710A/B) during the week ending the 7th November.
Corgi has released the following model after all, apologises for the earlier incorrect report that it had been delayed.

OM46612 Stagecoach London (Poppy Day livery) - New Routemaster (NBfL) Sold Out, all stock allocated to retailers by Corgi
Release confirmed by

Thursday 15 October
Confirmed EFE Releases & A Future Model Amended
The following pair of EFE models have now been released in the UK.

26412 Wilts & Dorset (route 19) - Daimler Utility Double Deck Bus
29634 Sovereign Buses (route 114) - Leyland Olympian Double Deck Bus

Model Amended - Unpdated 25 October
In regards to the new models announced last week, EFE have amended the flat windscreen Bristol VRT model 38124 (details below).

EFE posted the following on their news blog today: As many of you may already be aware, there is a problem with our recently announced Durham District VRT. The model was prepared from information sent in to us which at the time we believed to be genuine, subsequently we have found the vehicle to have been fictitious and the reference image to have been expertly photoshopped, now don't we feel silly! We hold our hands up to our mistake, thankfully we've been able to alter the model before the production run had started which means it will now become a United Counties VRT1.

Update 25 October
Since making the original post, EFE appear to have further revised the model. They now now changed both the vehicle identity & destination according to a post on their news blog. Note the fleet number appears to have been changed after the printing of the "Releases Issue 8 2015" publicity sheet.
Cat No. 38124
Vehicle Flat Windscreen Bristol VRT
Operator United Counties
Fleet No. 754 756
Registration ;TBD 754G UBD 756H
Route 265 Peterborough 128 Cambridge
Expected November 2015
Release Information kindly supplied by

Sunday 11 October
Corgi OOC Releases Update
Corgi has released two models and announced release dates for a further pair of OOC models.

These models have now been released.

OM46309A East Midland (route 16) - AEC RM Routemaster Double Deck Bus
OM46309B East Midland (route 15A) - AEC RM Routemaster Double Deck Bus

Dates announced for further releases.
Week ending 24th October

OM46612 Stagecoach London (Poppy Day livery) - New Routemaster (NBfL) Sold Out, all stock allocated to retailers by Corgi

Week ending 7th November

OM46710A First Hampshire (route E2 Gosport Ferry) - Wright Eclipse 2 single Deck Bus
OM46710B First Hampshire (route E2 Fareham Bus Station) - Wright Eclipse 2 single Deck Bus

Sunday 11 October
Photographs of Forthcoming Sunstar Heritage Routemaster
Photographs of one of the pair of forthcoming Sunstar 1/24th scale Routemasters have been published on the site.

A set of photographs show model H2918 which depicts Stagecoach London's RM2089 on route 15 bound for Tower Hill.

The model reviewed appears to be based on the original Sunstar tooling and as such lacks some of the modifications present on the real Heritage Routemaster vehicles. These include the modified rear light clusters, internal strip lighting and a proper representation of the front direction indicators. The side advertisement should also have a blue background rather than purple!

Thursday 8 October updated 11 October
EFE Announces Eight New Models
EFE has officially announced eight new models today. All the models are provisionally scheduled for release in either October or November.
Three of the models were exhibited at last month's Camberwell Garage Open Day, while the Lincolnshire Bristol RELH Coach (33802) was mistakenly listed as an Eastern National model in the last EFE subscribers newsletter.

Update 15 October
Several visitors to the site have contacted me to point out that Durham District never operated any Bristol VRT vehicles. The operation was absorbed by United Automobiles in 1968, and the Bristol VRT WHN 416G (fleet number 606) was delivered to United in standard red & cream Tilling livery in 1969.
The livery depicted on the model does however match a photo-shopped "what if" photograph produced by Garry Luck several years ago. (Flickr image link)

EFE have decided not to go ahead with the Durham & District Bristol VRT listed below and have amended the model to depict a United Counties vehicle. (see new item posted on the 15th October for full details & photographs.)
Cat No. 22914
Vehicle Bedford TK Boxvan
Operator Rail Express Parcels
Fleet No. 4TK 6714 MW
Registration RAE 761M
Route -
Expected November 2015
Cat No. 24823
Vehicle Mercedes Benz Plaxton Minibus
Operator Norfolk Green
Fleet No. 402
Registration N967 ENA
Route 47 Magdalen
Expected October 2015
Cat No. 25212
Vehicle Bristol RELL ECW Bus
Operator Southdown N.B.C.
Fleet No. 603
Registration UCD 603J
Route 48 Old Steine
Expected November 2015
Cat No. 28608
Vehicle GM Standard Atlantean
Operator First Greater Manchester
Fleet No. 4522
Registration SND 522X
Route 559 Bolton
Expected October 2015
Cat No. 29807
Vehicle Wright bodied Dennis Lance
Operator Southend Transport
Fleet No. LSL 004
Registration M764 JPA
Route 6 Eastwood & Kent Elm
Expected November 2015
Cat No. 31515
Vehicle AEC RM Class Routemaster
Operator London Transport
Fleet No. RM 177
Registration WLT 177
Route 177 Abbey Wood
Expected November 2015
Cat No. 33802
Vehicle Bristol RELH ECW Coach
Operator Lincolnshire Road Car
Fleet No. 2822
Registration WVL 515
Route Excursion
Expected October 2015
Cat No. 38124
Vehicle Flat Windscreen Bristol VRT
Operator Durham District
Fleet No. DL 16
Registration WHN 416G
Route D15 Barnard Castle
Expected Model Cancelled (See Oct 15th posting)
Courtesy of EFE, scans & a PDF of the Trade Order Form for October 2015
Trade Order Form October 2015 Scan
You can view a PDF version of the trade order form HERE (2.5mb).
EFE Release Sheet Archive

Tuesday 6 October
Marsden Model Kits News
Neil Mortson at Marsden Models has updated me on the latest developments with his range of resin kits.

Two kits are now down to limited numbers.

MMK030 - Northern Counties Albion PM28 - Available Now £40.00 + P&P Limited Numbers

MMK039 - 1937 Alexander Leyland TS7 Coronation - Available Now £40.00 + P&P Limited Numbers

Samples of three forthcoming kits for which pre-orders are being accepted.

MMK041 - 1962 Alexander BET Style 31ft AEC/Leyland DP Saloon. Comes with 3 option front panels.

MMK044 - 1972 ECW Bristol RELH Grant Door. Comes with optional coach door conversion part.

MMK049 - Burlingham 'Baby Seagull' re-bodied Bedford OB as operated by MacBraynes.

Pre-orders are now being taken for the following kit re-issues.

MMK009 - Willowbrook Bristol VR. (former kit WB01B)

MMK013 - Alexander Leyland Atlantean AN68 33ft Single Door. (former kit AX03L)

A full list of all the available & future kits can be found on the Marsdens Models kit page along with full contact details.

Tuesday 6 October & updated 7 October
New Models Announced By Oxford Diecast
Oxford Diecast has announced the latest batch of new models for the October to January 2016 catalogue. Among the planned releases are three new toolings for the Oxford Omnibus range and a number of new liveries for existing castings in both the N & 1/76 scales.

Updated 7 October with expected release period.

Details of all the other planned new Oxford models can be found on the Oxford Die-cast site or the John Ayrey Diecasts site.

New Tooling 1/76 Scale

76MW6001 Royal BLue - Bristol MW6G ECW Coach - Due 2Q/2016

New Liveries 1/76 Scale

76COM006 SAA (South African Airlines) - Commer Commando Coach - Due 2Q/2016

76DR002 South Notts - Duple Roadliner Coach - Due 1Q/2016

76FDE008 Southdown - Ford 400E Van - Due 4Q/2015

76PAN004 Yorkshire Woollen District - Plaxton Panorama Coach - Due 1Q/2016

76PD2002 Midland Red - Leyland PD2-12 Double Deck Bus - Due 1Q/2016

New Tooling N Scale

NNR001 London General (LT60 in retro livery on route 11) - New Routemaster Double Deck Bus - Due 2Q/2016

NSET003 Southdown Set (5 models) - Due 2Q/2016 - Includes new N Scale Weymann Fanfare model.
The other models are a Leyland Royal Tiger, Plaxton Panorama Mk I, Guy Arab Utility & a Leyland Titan Queen Mary.

New Liveries N Scale

NCOM003 British European Airways - Commer Commando Coach - Due 1Q/2016

NLRT002 Southdown - Leyland Royal Tiger Coach - Due 1Q/2016

NPE009 East Yorkshire Coaches - Plaxton Elite Coach - Due 1Q/2016

NPP004 Midland Red - Plaxton Panorama Mk I Coach - Due 1Q/2016

NUT005 Wolverhampton Corporation Transport - Guy Arab Utility Double Deck Bus - Due 1Q/2016

Monday 5 October
Next EFE Releases
The following pair of EFE models are scheduled to be released during the week ending the 17th October.

26412 Wilts & Dorset (route 19) - Daimler Utility Double Deck Bus
29634 Sovereign Buses (route 114) - Leyland Olympian Double Deck Bus
Information kindly supplied by

Friday 2 October
Confirmed Bachmann/EFE Release
The latest EFE exclusive model for Bachmann appointed stockists has now been released in the UK.

38119 British Rail Engineering Training Vehicle - Flat Windscreen Bristol VRT Double Deck Bus

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