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Monday 30 November
New B-T N Scale Bus Model Announced
A second N scale London Country Leyland Atlantean has been listed on the John Ayrey website.
There's no picture or any other details as yet apart from a release date of 1Q/2016.

NAN009 London Country - Leyland Atlantean PR

There's no update on the still outstanding NAN003 London Country NBC, NAN007 A1 Service & NAN008 Yorkshire Woollen Anniversary models which are ALL still shown as due 1Q/2015!

Monday 30 November
Two EFE Models For The Manchester Museum of Transport
EFE has produced two commissioned models for the Greater Manchester Museum of Transport. Both models will be on sale at the museum's forthcoming Christmas Cracker event which takes place over the coming weekend (5th & 6th December).
click to enlarge
26403A Daimler Utility Bus - City of Manchester (route 77 to Mersey Bank)
28604A GM Standard Leyland Atlantean - GM Buses (route 210 to Piccadilly)

The models both carry advertisements for the museum and are priced £27.50 each, if purchased together they are available for £50.00.

The models can also be ordered now from the museum's online store for the above prices plus P&P.
The Greater Manchester Museum of Transport's Online Shop:

For further details about the Christmas Cracker event visit the museum's site.

Saturday 21 November
Atlas Editions Coach Collection Scale Issue
As you may be aware the new Classic Coach Collection has recently been introduced by Atlas Editions in the UK. Publicity for the first model, a Burlingham Seagull Coach, clearly states that it is 1/76 scale, however unlike the trial for the collection, Atlas have used a new tooling for the model rather than the existing Corgi OOC casting. The base of this new model clearly states the model is actually 1/72 scale which means it's slightly larger than other UK bus and coach models.

OOC AN40306 (1/76) & Atlas Editions (1/72 scale model)

The base of the Atlas Editions Burlingham Seagull Coach states the scale is 1/72.

Robbie Foster has been in contact with Atlas Editions in regards to this scale miss-match and isn't happy with the response he has had from them. After phoning them and raising the issue he received a letter from their 'Customer Services department', the text of which reads as follows:
'Thank you for contacting Atlas Editions.
We can confirm that the Burlingham Seagull model that you have received is 1.76 scale, as stated on the box and also as advertised.
We apologise of you do not agree (sic) and have today discounted the £1.99 so please keep it free of charge or dispose of it as you see fit'

It does appear Atlas Editions don't know their products very well and as Robbie says:
I think you will agree that this is a disgraceful misleading of customers by AE - most of who will, like me, have assumed that these models were going to be made from old Corgi tooling in the same way as the former 'Great British buses' range was.
During my telephone conversation with AE a few days ago I made it clear that I considered the 'Seagull' to be a very nice model in its own right, but that it was NOT what they had advertised.

I asked what the future releases would be scaled as - clearly stating that most collectors would realise in advance that the two (so far) continental coaches would likely be to the smaller 1.87 (HO) scale due to their origins and use with continental model railways. As such these continental models would be acceptable in this light, but that British collectors would be concerned to know what the scale of future British coaches would be - thus enabling us to make a decision whether to continue to purchase the series or not, depending on compatibility with existing collections.

Robbie clearly feels the advertising for the collection has been very misleading and that Atlas Edition's response hasn't really addressed the issue.

The second model in the collection is expected to start arriving with customers shortly, it will be interesting to see whether this Plaxton bodied Bedford VAL coach is really 1/76 scale, as stated on the flyer supplied with the first model, or another new 1/72 scale tooling!

Saturday 21 November
New Models Exhibited & EFE Warehouse Event
EFE have shown a number of future new model releases at their warehouse event today.
If you'd like to see the models yourself and other attractions the event is open again tomorrow (22nd November). (see the 15th November news post for further details).

Thanks are extended to Barry Sullivan for supplying the model details & photographs.
The EFE model numbers haven't been confirmed for most of these models as yet.
click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge
34112 AEC RT, London Transport, RT2177 (KGU 106), on route 12 to Oxford Circus

click to enlarge click to enlarge
123xx AEC Reliance/Harrington Grenadier, Maidstone and District NBC, 4163 (FKL 126D) on route E7 to Bournemouth

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge
158xx Leyland PD1 lowbridge, East Kent, no fleetnumber (CJG 965) on route 66 to Ramsgate Harbour

click to enlarge
234xx Bedford TK 2 axle flatbed, British Rail (423 PRO)

click to enlarge click to enlarge
360xx Leyland RTL, Barton, 1089 (OLD 790) on route 18 to Chilwell

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge
381xx Bristol VR series 1, City of Oxford, 901 (OFC 901H) on route 82 to Aylesbury

The Shoplinker Routemaster was also on display along with some of the other forthcoming models/
click to enlarge
31514 Shoplinker RM for Bachmann stockists

click to enlarge
31515 London Transport Routemaster on route 177

click to enlarge
16538 Devon General MCW Leyland Atlantean

Wednesday 18 November
Confirmed EFE Model Releases
The following models have now been released by EFE in the UK.

16230 Hants & Dorset - Bristol LS ECW Coach (MW casting)
33802 Lincolnshire - Bristol RELH ECW Coach
38124 United Counties - Flat windscreen Bristol VRT

It appears the release of following models, which had been expected last week, has now been delayed until a later date.

14017 Bristol Omnibus Co (route 187) - Bristol Lodekka FLF Double Deck Bus
17511 Highland Scottish - Long Leyland National Mark II Bus
22914 British Rail Express Parcels - Bedford TK Box Van Lorry

Tuesday 17 November
Confirmed Oxford Omnibus Releases
Oxford Diecast has released the following Omnibus range models.

76OWB011 MacBraynes - Bedford OWB Utility Bus
NPE008 Stagecoach Coastliner X7 - Plaxton Elite Coach

Sunday 15 November
Latest EFE Subscriber Newsletter
The latest EFE Collector Association Newsletter has been posted out along with the ninth release sheet of the year.

The newsletter mainly focuses on the company's Warehouse Open Weekend event which takes place on the 21st & 22nd of November. The event is open to anyone who wants to attend, and not just Collection Association members.

There will be a display of all the forthcoming pre-production samples in from China. A large selection of the fleet boards on display and a demonstration of the intricate process involved in decorating the models and other commercial components by the company's print shop staff.

Images of each of the models in stock and available at special event sale prices will be displayed. Among the models will be some scarce items. Also on sale at the event will be the last of the distressed 1:24 scale buses and a selection model seconds which will be available at low prices in the ever popular Scrap Yard.
The warehouse is located near to Ponder End railway station and there is a frequent direct bus service 191 to & from Edmonton Green. Parking is available around the whole of the industrial estate.
The warehouse address is: Gilbow Holdings Ltd. 32 Woodall Road, Enfield EN3 4LG
Google Map showing location

It should be noted if you are intending to travel to the event by train, that engineering works are scheduled to take place over the weekend in question and as a result Ponders End Station will be closed. See link below
National Rail Site: No trains between London Liverpool Street /Stratford and Cheshunt via Tottenham Hale on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 November

The newsletter also states that the recently announced subscriber exclusive London Transport RCL Routemaster Driver Trainer bus (32006) has now sold out. The models are expected to be posted out at the end of November.

Courtesy of EFE, a scan & PDF of Release Sheet 9 2015.
Releases Issue 9 2015 Scan Midland General Fleet Focus Part 2
You can view a PDF version of the release sheet HERE (5.6mb).
EFE Release Sheet Archive

Thursday 12 November
EFE Model Releases Update
One of the models expected to be released this week has now been delayed and will be released at a later date.
In addition three further model releases have been announced for next week.

Due this week

17511 Highland Scottish - Long Leyland National Mark II Bus
22914 British Rail Express Parcels - Bedford TK Box Van Lorry

This model's release has now been delayed until a later date.

14017 Bristol Omnibus Co (route 187) - Bristol Lodekka FLF Double Deck Bus

Due Week Ending 21st November

16230 Hants & Dorset - Bristol LS ECW Coach (MW casting)
33802 Lincolnshire - Bristol RELH ECW Coach
38124 United Counties - Flat windscreen Bristol VRT
Information kindly supplied by

Monday 9 November
Sunrise Models Announce Five New Kits
News of three new kits that were recently launched by Sunrise Models at the MBF Scotland annual show.

52A 1937 Leyland Gnu/Alexander bus

52B 1937 Leyland Gnu/Alexander coach (different bodyshell)

53 1941 Leyland Panda/Alexander bus
All three are available now in limited supply at £35 and comprehensive, bespoke transfer sets available for each of them. Please ask for details. Please check kit availability before ordering.

Two further new kits have also been announced and can now be reserved.

54, 1951 GNR Gardner - due November/December 2015
Price £35, bespoke transfer sets are being produced for GNR and (later) CIE livery.

71, Leyland Leopard/Alexander Y-type tow truck, due 2016

Sunday 8 November
Paragon & Lancer Kits Update
Andrew Goodwin has kindly supplied updates for his Paragon & Lancer Models range of kits.

Lancer Models
Kits currently in stock are as follows: (click links to view photographs)
C3 BMMO (Midland 'Red') C3 C37C
C4 BMMO (Midland 'Red') C4 C37C
D7 BMMO (Midland 'Red') D7 H63RD
L7 Dennis Dart SLF/East Lancs SPRYTE B41F
L14 BMMO (Midland 'Red') S14 B44F
L15A BMMO (Midland 'Red') S15 DP40F (Based on first batch of vehicles)
L16 BMMO (Midland 'Red') S6 B44F
L20 BMMO (Midland 'Red') LRR B34F bus
L21 BMMO (Midland 'Red') OLR B34F bus
L22 BMMO (Midland 'Red') ""SON"" class B38F Service Bus
L23 BMMO (Midland 'Red') SLR class C30C coach
L24 BMMO (Midland 'Red') IM6 B34F 1931-33 service bus
L25 BMMO (Midland ‘Red’) EHA/FHA “SON” B38F Service Bus
L26A BMMO (Midland ‘Red’) M Class B34F Service Bus
L26B BMMO (Midland ‘Red’) MM Class B34F Service Bus
L27 BMMO (Midland ‘Red’) Ford R192/Plaxton Derwent B27F
L28 BMMO (Midland ‘Red’) CL3 Plaxton Re-Body C36F
L29 BMMO tow truck (NO CRANE)
L30 BMMO LS20 Willowbrook Leopard DP
L31 BMMO D7 towing lorry)

Pre-orders are now being accepted for this new kit.

BMMO CL2 Plaxton rebodied C2 coach

For ordering details and prices please visit the Lancer Models site.

Paragon Kits
PK03 UVG/Caetano S.320 coach (metal kit)
PK04 Plaxton Bustler/Bedford YRT (etched brass and white metal)
PK0610 Optare L1000 Excel Mk 1 10m (resin body/white metal parts))
PK0611 Optare L1150 Excel Mk 1 11m (metal kit)
PK0617 Optare L1070 Excel Mk 1 10.7m (resin body/white metal parts))
PK0705 Strachan Pacemaker Ford 5 bay design
PK1309 Caetano Slimbus Dart SLF - Jersey style - Last Few
PK15 Commer-Harrington 'Contender' bus
PK16 Alexander S Ford A series minibus B27F
PK1801 Dennis Trident East Lancs Lolyne 10,45m. Printed square corner windows
PK1910 Plaxton Derwent II 10m bus (Bedford/Ford etc. - two alternative fronts supplied) - Last Few
PK24 Leyland-bodied Royal Tiger bus B44F
PK30 Leyland TS1/2 Leyland B32R
PK34 AEC Swift Strachan LTE XMS class bus
PK35 AEC Reliance Beadle ""Chatham"" Maidstone & District
PK37 Bedford SB Duple Vega 31 (1970s) - Last Few
PK38 Lydney Royal Tiger [Red & White]
PK40E East Kent (WFN) Park Royal Reliance - Last Few
PK42 Duple Vista 25 Bedford VAS 1970s - Last Few
PK46 Willowbrook Bedford VAL B54F - Last Few
PK47 Bedford J2 Duple ""Compact"" C19F
PK48 Bedford VAM Plaxton Panorama 1
PK53 AEC Regal Beadle Maidstone & District (HKE) - Last Few
PK54 Bristol LL6G ECW Maidstone & District (MKN) - Last Few
PK58 Bedford VAM Duple Viceroy 1970 style C45F - Last Few
PK58E Duple Viceroy Express Ford R192 1070 - Last Few
PK61 Bedford OB Plaxton C29F
PK67 Willowbrook Warrior PSU3 Leopard rebody
PK68 Duple Roadmaster Guy Arab UF [Red & White]
PK71 AEC Regal III Beadle rebuild [M&D WKM]
CJT 1 East Lancs National Greenway long]
FAN 02 Bedford VAL Duple Vega Major 1964
FAN 05A Duple Alpine Continental C51F
FAN 22A Harrington “dorsal fin” AEC Regal III
LK05 Dennis Dart SDL 9.8m Northern Counties 'Paladin'
PV10 Mercedes Plaxton Mini Supreme C25F - Last Few

Upcoming new kits & some re-runs for which pre-orders are being accepted

Some of the forthcoming new kits: PK55, PK65, PK73 & FAN 05C

PK05 Iveco 49-10 Robin Hood B19F - Short re-run
PK09 Willowbrook Expressway Bedford YRQ C45F - Short re-run
PK25 Massey lowbridge PD2 etc 1960-1
PK31 Leyland TS1/2 Leyland B32R
PK41 Bedford YRT Caetano Estoril II
PK45 Massey lowbridge PD3 30’ last style
PK51 Leyland Royal Tiger PSU1/13 East Lancs [Southdown]
PK55 MCW Metropolitan Bedford VAM C45F
PK56C Beadle/Commer ""Rochester"" coach centre entrance
PK56F Beadle-Commer “Rochester” DP41F East Kent
PK63 Bedford OB Plaxton L3 C30F FULL FRONT
PK65 Viceroy 37 VAL [1970s]
PK66 Viceroy 37 R226 etc
PK73 Willowbrook 001 Bedford VAL B54F
PK79 Willowbrook PSU3 Leopard DP [Birch Bros.]
FAN 05C Duple Continental C51F [short windows]
PV04 Trojan minibus “jellymould” style

Following the sad passing of Keith Turner the following former unissued TiNY kits have been taken over by Paragon along with all the pre-orders held by TiNY.
These need a lot of work & aren't expected to be ready for release for some time, however Paragon are still accepting pre-orders which helps to gauge the size of each kit production run.
TK15 Harrington Wayfarer 1
TK23 1954 Plaxton Venturer C41C underfloor engined
TK24 1954 Plaxton Venturer C41F Bedford SB etc.
TK25 Bellhouse-Hartwell “Landmaster”
TK33 Plaxton Consort IV Bedford SB

There is also range of body shells which are mainly for use with EFE models, details can be viewed on the Paragon Kits page.
For ordering details and prices please visit

Friday 6 November
Oxford Omnibus Releases Expected This Month
According to the latest Globe the following models are expected to be released by Oxford Diecast during November.

76OWB011 MacBraynes - Bedford OWB Utility Bus
NPE008 Stagecoach Coastliner X7 - Plaxton Elite Coach

Friday 6 November
Eight New EFE Models Announced
EFE have announced details of seven new EFE and confirmed those of another model exhibited at the Buses Gaydon event.
The models have provisional release dates running through to January.
Cat No. 12122
Vehicle Harrington Cavalier Coach
Operator Southdown
Fleet No. 1747
Registration 547 BUF
Route Wales & Northern Ireland
Expected January 2016
Cat No. 16230
Vehicle Bristol LS ECW Coach (MW body)
Operator Hants & Dorset
Fleet No. 846
Registration JDL 760
Route Poole
Expected November 2015
Cat No. 16538
Vehicle Leyland Atlantean MCW Double Deck Bus
Operator Devon General
Fleet No. 926 (Sir Francis Drake)
Registration 926 GTA
Route 30 Babbacombe via Castle Circus
Expected December 2015
Cat No. 16539
Vehicle Leyland Atlantean MCW Double Deck Bus
Operator City of Manchester
Fleet No. 3624
Registration UNB 624
Route 60 Victoria Avenue
Expected December 2015
Cat No. 17312
Vehicle Long Leyland National MK I Single Door
Operator East Kent N.B.C.
Fleet No. 1078
Registration NFN 78M
Route 154 Garlinge
Expected December 2015
Cat No. 17707
Vehicle Long Leyland National Mk II Single Door
Operator Colchester Transport
Fleet No. 19
Registration EON 829V
Route 1 Ambrose Avenue
Expected December 2015
Cat No. 29013
Vehicle GM Standard Leyland Fleetline Double Deck Bus
Operator Thamesdown
Fleet No. 206
Registration PTD 644S
Route 7 Walcot East
Expected December 2015
Cat No. 34113
Vehicle AEC RT Double Deck Bus
Operator London Country N.B.C.
Fleet No. RT 1018
Registration JXN 46
Route 453 Caterham On The Hill
Expected December 2015
Courtesy of EFE, scans & a PDF of the Trade Order Form for November 2015
Trade Order Form November 2015 Scan
You can view a PDF version of the trade order form HERE (2.4mb).
EFE Release Sheet Archive

Wednesday 4 November & Updated 12th November
Next EFE Releases
The following EFE models are scheduled to be released during the week ending the 14th November.

14017 Bristol Omnibus Co (route 187) - Bristol Lodekka FLF Double Deck Bus Release delayed until a later date by EFE
17511 Highland Scottish - Long Leyland National Mark II Bus
22914 British Rail Express Parcels - Bedford TK Box Van Lorry
Information kindly supplied by

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