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Tuesday 30 January
Sunstar Announce Two New Routemaster Models
Sunstar's new 2018 catalogue lists two new 1/24th scale Routemaster models among the new models due for release this year.

The picture illustrating model H2942 shows an RML class bus, however it isn't known if this indicates Sunstar are planning to do a new tooling for this longer version or they actually intending to produce one of the three RM versions that also carried the livery. The only one with Surf Spotless advertisements was RM25.

H2941 Arriva London (Heritage Fleet) RM2217 - RM Class Routemaster Bus (1/24th Scale)

H2942 Celebrating 50 Spotless Years (Queens Golden Jubilee Livery) - Routemaster Bus (1/24th Scale)

View the full 2018 catalogue at

Monday 29 January
Model 1 Announced New Tooling For Three Models
Model 1 have announced plans to produce three new UK bus models, these will be the first UK related items since two minibus models produced in 2011, which were exclusive to TTC Diecast.

The three new models will be released by Model 1 themselves although, at this stage there are no firm releases dates or any indication of the model prices.

Over the last few days they have published details via their Facebook page of the new toolings.

Firstly they are producing another model of the ADL Enviro400 MMC, this seems to be a very similar to that recently added to the Northcord Models range. Model 1 say that their version will have a more detailed interior and be priced competitively. Both London & provincial spec models are planned.
It isn't clear from the Facebook posting if this model will be of resin or diecast metal construction, but the first release is expected in the third quarter of this year.

Photographs accompanying this post show three real vehicles, Stagecoach London 12369, Stagecoach Manchester 10611 & Abellio London 2500, however the post doesn't confirm if these are the intended subjects of the first three models.

The second model will be of diecast construction and is a long version of the ADL Enviro200 MMC. This will again be produced in both provincial & London spec and three vehicle photographs are included with the post, Abellio London 8848, Stagecoach London 36604 & Stagecoach Chesterfield 26084, but like the 400 MMC its not specified if these are the planned subjects of future models.

The last model is from a earlier era and will be an Alexander PS bodied Volvo B10M, the early releases of this model will concentrate on Stagecoach Group vehicles, they were the largest user of the type. There's no mention of whether this will be of diecast or resin construction.

You can view the full posts and vehicle photographs on the Model 1 Facebook page.

Monday 29 January
Northcord Model Co Press Release
The following press release has been issued by the Northcord Model Company:



ADL Enviro400H MMC
ukbus 6501 Go-Ahead London

Northcord Model Company is pleased to announce the release of ukbus 6501, the first release of the long awaited new casting of this distinctive, modern, double-decker in the United Kingdom.

The first livery to be carried on the brand new Alexander Dennis Enviro400H MMC model, is Go-Ahead London with standard London red livery.

ukbus 6501 represents fleet number EH108 (YY66 OZP) that has 10.3 metre, dual-door bodywork and was new to Go-Ahead London in 2017. EH108 has a Euro6 hybrid driveline and is based at Go-Ahead London's Camberwell Garage where it operates on busy route 14 which runs between Putney Heath and Warren Street.

The Alexander Dennis Enviro400H MMC ukbus 6501 is a one-piece casting whose clean lines accentuate the square, gasket-mounted windows and the livery application on which all logos and lettering are clearly legible. Another main feature on the ukbus 6501 model is its dual individual tree protectors at the front. The front dome on the model is significant, with curved windscreens on both upper deck and lower deck.

Northcord Model Company is also creating new design standards within the interior of both saloons. These features, inside the compartments, will represent the real, outstanding layout of the Enviro400H MMC, such as the additional ventilation equipment on the upper deck ceiling, and the extensive portrayal of handrails on upper deck and lower deck, etc.

Saturday 27 January
T i N Y Kits Update
The latest new kit release from T i N Y is a early style Ford Transit minibus with Dormobile 16 seat body.

TK67B Ford Transit Dormobile B16F - In Stock £32.00 plus p&p

Reservations are being accepted for next new kit released expected in March:

TK62A AEC RTV Orion lowbridge with open & enclosed platform options - Reserve Now - Due March 2018

A third rerun of the following kit is also being prepared.

TK37S 1955 Park Royal single deck - Southdown version - Third Rerun - Due March/April 2018

Limited stock of the East Yorkshire version of the above model is also still available.

TK37E 1955 Park Royal single deck - East Yorkshire version - Limited re-run in stock £37.00 plus p&p

For full contact details and a list of the other available & planned kits please view the T i N Y Kits page.

Thursday 25 January
Latest Atlas Editions Classic Coaches Release
Despite Atlas Editions seemingly clearing stock of earlier models in the Classic Coaches Collection to a well known UK model wholesaler, new releases still continue with this latest release bringing the total number of models so far to thirty one.

Like all the recent releases in the UK, it is again identical to one previously issued in an earlier European Bus collection by Atlas.

4642 131 Cream & green livery - Neoplan NH 9L Hamburg Coach

Tuesday 23 January & updated 15 February
New Oxford Diecast Bus & Coach Models Announced
Oxford Diecast have published details of the new models that feature in the latest February to May 2018 catalogue.

There is no new bus or coach tooling in this catalogue, but there are eleven new liveries for existing models.

Below are the bus & coach related models, a full list of all the other models can be found on the website of model wholesaler John Ayrey Diecasts.

Update 15 February
A PDF version of the latest Feb-May 2018 catalogue is now available on the Oxford Diecast site.

1/43rd Scale

43JM024 Skyways of London - Morris J2 Minibus - Due Q4 2018

1/76 Scale

76BI004 Southdown Motor Services 861 (LCD 861) - Beadle Integral Coach - Due Q3 2018

76COM008CC Coca Cola - Commer Commando Coach - Due Q4 2018

76DR005 Ribble Motor Services - Duple Roadmaster Coach - Due Q3 2018

76FT031 London Underground - Ford Transit MK 5 SWB Van Low Roof - Due Q? 2018

76IR6004 Galleon Travel - Irzair i6 Coach - Due Q3 2018

76MW6004 Tilling Transport - Bristol MW6 ECW Coach - Due Q3 2018

76PAN008 A. Timpson & Sons Ltd - Plaxton Panorama I Coach - Due Q3 2018

76PD2006 Stratford Blue - Leyland Titan PD2 Double Deck Bus - Due Q3 2018

76SB003 London Transport Greenline (PTE 592) - Saro Single Deck Bus - Due Q4 2018

76WFA007 North Western - Weymann Fanfare AEC Coach - Due Q3 2018

N Scale

NFDE008 Southdown Motor Services - Ford 400E Van - Due Q3 2018

NNR006 Go Ahead London LT50 (LTZ 1050 / route 11 Fulham Broadway) - New Routemaster Double Deck Bus - Due Q3 2018

NSEA002 Stratford Blue 57 (OUE 12)- Burlingham Seagull Coach - Due Q3 2018

Wednesday 17 January
Hatchette Launch 1/12th Scale Routemaster Model
Hatchette Partworks have just launched a new weekly magazine which includes parts to build a 1/12th scale Routemaster RM class model. This model will be double the size of the Sunstar 1/24th versions and measures in aT 699mm (27.5") long, 203mm (8") wide & 356mm (14") high.

The magazines cost £8.99 per issue although if you subscribe the first two issues are available at the special introductory price £1.99 & £4.99, You will also receive a third free issue. Subscribers will also receive a number of free gifts upon signing up & as the partwork continues. Among these is a replica 1/76th scale Oxford Diecast Routemaster model that comes free with your 9th delivery of four magazines.

There is a slight catch if you do decide to sign up, this partwork is due to run to a whooping 130 issues making the final price of your fully built Routemaster not far short £1,150. If you sign up today your final issue would arrive in mid 2020!

Construction wise, the pre-painted diecast, ABS & photo-etched parts all screw together using small cross head screws. The finished model will depict RM857 (WLT 857) in 1966 on route 11 and carries the correct livery & advertisements for that period. The model also has working lights, bell & a fully detailed engine & interior. Other features include sliding driver door & window vents, opening rear emergency exit window, changeable destination display and adjustable mirrors.

A trial for this model was run by Hatchette a few years ago to test the market, but nothing was issued at that point.

Further details can be found on the site.

Tuesday 16 January
Latest Oxford Diecast Release
The following model is now being distributed to model retailers by Oxford Diecast.

76SHP006 Wynns - Sherpa Minibus

Monday 15 January & Updated 21 January
Confirmed EFE Model Releases
Bachmann has released the following EFE model to UK model retailers.

16540 Ribble Motor Services (Route 101 to Preston) - MCW bodied Leyland Atlantean Double Dek Bus

99938 1983 Aldenham Open Day Leyland Titan Twin Pack containing Dual Door Leyland Titan models:
        28826 London Transport T66 (General livery Aldenham Dipolmat - route 165 Romford Garage)
        28827 London Transport TE112 (Londonbuses livery - route Express 177 Not in Service)

Update 21st January
All the latest releases have been issued in the new revised blue card packaging featuring both Bachmann & EFE branding.
The box labels now also show the vehicle registration & route details.
Unlike some of the other recently announced EFE models, these don't feature any new enhancements to the original tooling.

Bachmann and some model retailers appear to have sold out of the Titan twin pack before release last week, if you're having trouble obtaining this item, TTC still had stock available at the time of posting this update.

Monday 8 January & Updated 9th January
Four New OOC Bus Models Announced
The latest Corgi catalogue for the period January to June 2018 was published today and contains four new OOC models. Each of models is a available with two different destinations.

Once again there is no new tooling for the OOC range and as far as I can see any of the other corgi ranges. In all there are 38 new releases across the entire Corgi range.

Full details of all the new models can be found on the site.

Prices for the OOC models remain unchanged from the last catalogue with a RRP of £38.99 and all are currently scheduled for release in either May or June.

Update 9th January
Further route & destination information added & some confusion as a result!
There is some uncertainy about the destination that will be applied to model OM46313B, the Corgi website currently indicates it will be "414 Leatherhead", however model wholesalers are indicating it will be "406 Reigate L.T. Garage".
The destinations for OM46515A & OM46515B are also transposed on the Corgi website compared to the release information supplied to the model trade.
Cat No. OM40821A
Vehicle  Bristol Lodekka FS6B Double Deck Bus
Operator  Wilts & Dorset
Fleet No.  646
Registration  684 AAM
Route 38A Bournemouth Limited Stop
Expected May 2018
Cat No. OM40821B
Vehicle Bristol Lodekka FS6B Double Deck Bus
Operator Wilts & Dorset
Fleet No. 646
Registration 684 AAM
Route 38A Salisbury Limited Stop
Expected May 2018
Cat No. OM43917A
Vehicle Guy Arab II Utility Double Deck Bus
Operator Burton Corporation
Fleet No. 34
Registration FA 7978
Route 6 Anglesey Road via Station & Uxbridge St
Expected June 2018
Cat No. OM43917B
Vehicle Guy Arab II Utility Double Deck Bus
Operator Burton Corporation
Fleet No. 34
Registration FA 7978
Route 6 Calais Road via Station & Belvedere Road
Expected June 2018
Cat No. OM46313A
Vehicle AEC RM Class Routemaster Bus
Operator London & Country
Fleet No. 4109
Registration 183 CLT
Route 406 Epsom
Expected May 2018
Cat No. OM46313B
Vehicle AEC RM Class Routemaster Bus
Operator London & Country
Fleet No. 4109
Registration 183 CLT
Route 414 Leatherhead
also reported to be 406 Reigate L.T. Garage
Expected May 2018
Cat No. OM46515A
Vehicle Volvo B9TL Wright Eclipse Gemini 2
Operator Brighton & Hove
Fleet No. 439
Registration BF12 KXS
Route 29 Tunbridge Wells
Expected May 2018
Cat No. OM46515B
Vehicle Volvo B9TL Wright Eclipse Gemini 2
Operator Brighton & Hove
Fleet No. 439
Registration BF12 KXS
Route 21 Brighton Marina & Queens Park
Expected May 2018

Sunday 7 January
Saltire Model Bus Kits Update
Saltire Model Bus Kits have announced plans for two new kits that are scheduled for release during 2018.

Scania N113 CRL East Lancs MaxCI single deck bus - Due Summer 2018 - Reserve Now

Volvo B7L 12m East Lancs Nordic double deck bus (First Glasgow) - Due November 2018 - Reserve Now

A further re-run of the following kit is also planned and reservations are now being accepted.

ADL 200 MMC mini 8.9m single deck bus - Kit re-run - Reserve Now

Finally Saltire Models have decided to cancel their planned ADL Enviro400 kit, this follows the announcement of similar models by other suppliers.

Further details of other kits in the range can be found on the Saltire Models page along with full contact details.

Saturday 6 January
Citibus Models Kit Re-run
Citibus Models have now received further stock of the Alexander T Type kit following a second re-run.

The kits are priced £47.00 plus £4.40 UK P&P and can be ordered using PayPal by phoning Citibus on 01204 845258 during office hours (9am to 5pm).
You can also contract Citibus Models via their Facebook page.

CM004 Seddon/Leyland Alexander T Type as supplied to SBG & NBC - In Stock
This kit includes separate lower front panels & four types of grilles with paye signs, optional destinations and other parts

Pre-orders are also being accepted to two further kits that are being prepared for release later this year.

CM006 Mercedes Benz Mellor Minibus - Pre-order 35.00 plus P&P

CM007 Scania Caetano Levante CT650d 3 Axle Coach - Pre-order 45.00 plus P&P

Further details of other kits in the range can be found on the Citibus Models page along with full contact details.

Friday 5 January
Next Corgi OOC Model Releases
Corgi is expected to release the following bus models to UK retailers next week.

OM46619A Go Ahead London (General Livery/ route 88 Camden Town) - New Routemaster Bus
OM46619B Go Ahead London (General Livery/ route 88 Clapham Common) - New Routemaster Bus

CCS89203 Paddington Bear Bus - New Routemaster Bus (Basic toy range version)

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