EFE Yearly Model Releases

Yearly EFE Model Release Statistics
The table below contains links to individual pages that show full details of all the models released each month during a particular year.
The table also shows a breakdown of the overall totals of various categories of models released each year along with the number of both standard & commissioned models.

See notes section below the chart to clarify exactly what's been included in each of the categories.

Each of the individual yearly release pages also contains scans of all the EFE release sheets that were issued during that year.
Both sides of the sheet are shown from 2010 onwards, however prior to that only a scan of front is shown. The missing rear side, which mainly contained Fleet Focus content may be added in the future as time allows & where sheets are available to scan.
Click the year link for a full monthly breakdown of all the model releases.
Scans of the EFE release sheets can be found on the relevant pages by using the link at the top of each page.
Year / Link New Castings Total Releases Standard Commissioned D/Deck S/Deck Trucks Other Sets
'New castings' also includes any new combinations of existing components and * re-tooled castings
'Other' includes ships, tube trains, sports cars, trams, railway accessories and any non 1:24th or 1:76th scale models
Double deck totals include 1:24th models, totals of which are shown in brackets
The individual gift set models are included in the figures for the relevent categories
Standard refers to any code 1 model and includes EFE Subscriber models
The Total & Commissioned figures only include Code 2 models produced by EFE.
Third party code 3 models have been ignored. These have been marked with the suffix C3 if they appear on the yearly listing pages.