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London Transport - Country Area
(Route 408 - for Cobham Bus Museum)
27810B front view 27810B rear view
Fleet No.STL2608 RegistrationFXT 56
Route No.408 DestinationGuildford Horse & Groom
AdvertsSide adverts - "Try Ty-Phoo Tea It goes further!" (near side) and "Wisk Does The Big Wash"(offside). "Everyone has someone worth saving for" front adverts
LiveryGreen with cream window surrounds, black mudguards and brown roof
NotesLimited edition of 267 certificated models produced for the London Bus Preservation Trust. and available at the June 2007 Cobham Bus Museum Single Deck Running Day.
IssuedJune 2007 Release Code 2 / Standard
27810B Numbered certificate supplied with model
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