EFE Zone - Model 34202A - London Transport RLH Class Double Deck Bus
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London Transport - Country Area
(Route 462 - B.O.A.C. adverts)
34202A front view 34202A rear view
Pictures kindly supplied by www.worldwidemodel.com
Fleet No.RLH 32 RegistrationMXX 232
Route No.462 DestinationWeybridge Stn
AdvertsSide adverts "B.O.A.C. takes good care of you fly by B.O.A.C." (near sides), "face the future with Pearl Assurance" (off-side). "Coombs Ford Distributors Guildford 62962" (rear between decks) & "Can I get more M.P.G? Yes on Mobil Special" (lower rear)
LiveryGreen with beige between decks band
NotesCommissioned by the Cobham Bus Museum & available at their Country Bus & Green Line Running Day in October 2008. Limited edition of 298 models supplied with numbered certificates.
IssuedOctober 2008 Release Code 2 / Standard
34202A front view 34202A Supplied Certificate
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