Prevous Model Prototype AEC Routemaster (RM) Double Deck Bus (With Radiator Grille)
London Transport Country Area
EFE Subscribers Model
30304 front view 30304 rear view
Fleet No.RM2 RegistrationSLT 57
Route No.406 DestinationKingston
Adverts"Routemaster - London Transport - Try Out Your New London Bus" side adverts and "Park Royal Vehicles Ltd - Builders Of The London Transport Routemaster - A.E.C. Ltd" front and rear adverts..
LiveryGreen with beige between decks band and black mudguards. Gold fleetnames
NotesModel produced for members of the EFE Subscription Service.
This is a re-tooled model with platform bulkhead, flush glazing & mirrors.
IssuedDecember 2010 Release Standard / Code 1
30304 front view 30304 rear view
 Prevous Model