NMCL UK 6500 Series
ADL Enviro400/H MMC & Enviro 400/H City Double Deck Buses

The updated & restyled ADL Enviro400 known as the MMC & City were introduced by ADL from 2014. Both versions are also available as diesel-electric hybrids and these have the 400H designation. The City version was produced to meet specifications required by TFL for vehicles used on its network in London.

These models were Northcord's first new UK based tooling since the end of their association with Creative Master in early 2013. The numbering system has also been slightly amended with a new N suffix for commissioned releases.
The first models were issued in early 2018 and like the original Enviro400 models (UKBUS6000) can/has been produced in several different variations:

1. 10.3 metre 1 & 2 door Enviro400 MMC and Enviro400H MMC
2. 10.3 metre 1 & 2 door Enviro400 City and Enviro400H City
3 10.5 metre 1 door Enviro400 MMC
4. 10.9 metre 1 door Enviro400 MMC

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