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Dealer Stock White Livery (702 Legoland Destinations)
N6505A front view N6505A rear view
Photographs kindly supplied by Hollie Winters.
Fleet No.-- Registration--
Route No.702 DestinationLegoland Windsor
Livery NotesThis model depicts a vehicle in dealer stock plain white livery and does not carry any fleet numbers or registration plates.. The model was supplied in pre-assembled form.
NotesSingle Door
This model was a private commission
Issued(Hong Kong) Dec 2018 ? / (UK) ? 2019 Release TypeCommissioned
Total Issued32 Box Type Plastic Card Outer
N6505A nearside view N6505A off-side view
N6505A front view N6505A rear view
N6505A Model packaging N6505A Model packaging
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