Prevous Model Daimler Fleetline GM Standard Double Deck Bus
Thamesdown Transport (route 7)
29013 front view 29013 rear view
Fleet No.206 RegistrationPTD 644S
Route No.7 DestinationWalcot East
Adverts"Crisco Carpets & Beds 22 Fleet Street Swindon Swindon 538797" nearside advert & "Travel By Car? You Must Be Choking It's Greener By Bus" off-side advert. "Bus and coach hire 535110 T" & "Bus service Information 523700 T" front adverts.
LiveryCream with blue upper deck window surrounds and roof. Blue skirt bands and engine bustle
NotesThis model is a rework of issue 29005 and the side adverts are printed on labels.
IssuedJanuary 2016 Release Standard
29013 front view 29013 rear view
29013 front view 29013 rear view
 Prevous Model