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Wednesday 31 August
Next EFE Releases
The following models are expected to be released during the week ending the 17 September.

26411 S.H.M.D. Board - Daimler Utility Double Deck Bus
26624 Brighton & Hove - Plaxton Paramount 3500 Coach
33702 Steventon / Royal Venton - ERF KV 2 Axle Boxvan Lorry
34106 London Transport (Green / route 803) - AEC RT Double Deck Bus
Release Information kindly supplied by

Tuesday 30 August
CMNL Press Release
Creative Master Northcord Limited News Release

CMNL UK Release Update
It is traditional for CMNL to update its release schedule by the end of August each year.
However, CMNL is still experiencing the shortage of skilled workers in the factories where the pre-production samples and full production runs are made and is unable to make much information available to its dealers and collectors at this time.

New model announcement
ukbus 8021

ukbus 8021 will be an Enviro200 in the fleet of Go-Ahead London.
It will represent vehicle SE53 (YX60 EOL) bound for Victoria on route 170.
This will be the first CMNL Enviro200 to feature the revised styling that features the mini-bumpers, inset within the front corner panels.
It also meets the requirements of Go-Ahead London to have its livery with grey skirt panels replicated on the CMNL Enviro200 casting.

THIS MODEL REPLACES PREVIOUSLY ANNOUNCED GO-AHEAD LONDON MODELS ukbus 8016 and ukbus 0034 even though the latter complied with the livery requirement of Go-Ahead London.

As yet no production slot has been obtained for this new model and no firm date can be given for its shipping to distributors.

Model production completed
ukbus 1049

ukbus1049, the ALX400 in Stagecoach Manchester Magic Bus livery has completed its production run and has been shipped from the factory.
As is the normal CMNL practice, a fully detailed News Release will be issued shortly.

Next model on the assembly line
ukbus 0037

ukbus 0037, the 2011 Lathalmond Model commissioned by Susan Cameron, is the next model to enter production. CMNL anticipates that production should conclude in mid-September.

Further announcements will be made by Susan Cameron who can also be contacted about this model as follows : by email at or by sending a stamped, addressed envelope to Susan Cameron at 8, Allander Drive, TORRANCE, Glasgow, G64 4LG.

Creative Master Northcord Limited (CMNL)
The World’s Miniature Bus Co.

Wednesday 24 August / Updated 25 August
Base Toys - New Name & Models Announced
I've been sent the following press release relating to changes to Base Toys trade name & some future model plans which should please many I think.

B-T Models - New name & New coach casting

B-T Models is the new trading name for Base Toys, manufacturers of 1:76 scale cars and trucks that are designed to complement ‘00’ scale model railways. The new name better reflects the improved levels of detail and decoration that are now routinely included in the ever widening range of commercial vehicles.

B-T Models is also very pleased to announce another new addition to the range, a budget priced, passenger vehicle. This all new moulding, has been requested by model rail and bus enthusiasts for some time. It fills an important gap in the existing model vehicle ranges.

The new model is based on the 1970s/1980s Duple Dominant Mk2 coach which was fitted to a wide range of chassis types, and could be seen on the roads of Britain and Europe from the early 1970s until the late 1990s. It was one of the most popular coach body styles of its age, and was used in great numbers by coach operators large and small.

This new model has been developed as an accessory for model railway layouts, and follows the same construction methods as the already well established model truck range. A plastic moulded body is mounted on a die-cast chassis unit to give low cost with high strength.

To help keep the cost of this new model down there will be three ‘standard’ versions:
1) Coach with coach type door,
2) Coach with bus type door and top destination box,
3) Coach with coach type door and top destination box.

These three versions will cover most types of Duple Dominant coach, and any variations in the positions of chrome trims, etc. will be represented by tampo printing. There will be less detail than is incorporated in the sister range of high detail Britbus models, but this will be reflected in the retail price. There will be a basic livery application for each model, that incorporates the body colours along with fleetnames, registration plates, legal address and if appropriate, a destination display, but much of the minor lettering, etc. will be left off. This will allow bus collectors and railway modellers to add any individual details and lettering that they wish.

The first three releases of this new and eagerly awaited model will feature one of each body casting variation, and these will be:

B001 – Leyland Leopard/Duple Dominant II (Coach door & Destination) – ‘National Travel East’

B002 – AEC Reliance/Duple Dominant II (Bus Door & Destination) – ‘Green Line’
B003 – Leyland Leopard/Duple Dominant II (Coach Door - No Destination)– ‘Ulsterbus Tours’

The retail price for these models will be £16.99 each

August 2011.

Five new Lorry models and two new cargo loads have also been announced on the John Ayrey Diecasts site today. Additionally three Base Toys lorries have been released this week.

New Models & Cargo Loads

DA24 Lincoln Shackleton & Sons - Leyland Comet 2 Axle Flatbed with forklift cargo

DA25 BRS Airedale - Albion CX5 3 Axle Flatbed with 4 crates & 2 wagon sheets (1948)

DA25 BRS Bradford Parcels - Bristol HG 4 Axle Box Van (1958)

No photographs have been issued yet for the following pair

DA27 Pickfords - Leyland Mastiff Lowloader with Forklift cargo

DA28 Mothers Pride Bread - Leyland FG Van

L09 Wagon Sheets - 3 long & 3 Short

L10 Steel Rods - 3 pieces

Confirmed Releases

DA18 Fire Service - Leyland Mastiff 2 Axle Water Tanker

DA19 BRS Midlands - Albion Chieftan Articulated Flatbed (1972-1982)

DA22 Smith & Robinson - AEC Mammoth Major 4 Axle Tanker (1949-1959)

Details of Eight New EFE Models Announced
EFE have released details and photographs of eight of the new models briefly mentioned on the last Subscriber's newsletter.
EFE have acknowledged that the pre-production sample of model 14406 carries the incorrect registration OLD885R and that production models will have the correct ODL885R marks.

Click the thumbnails to view high-res pictures or the ref no. link for normal sized versions.
Cat No. 14406
Vehicle Short Leyland National Mark I
Operator Southern Vectis N.B.C.
Fleet No. 885
Registration ODL885R
Route 7 Seaview
Expected September
Cat No. 26411
Vehicle Daimler Utility Bus
Operator S.H.M.D. Board
Fleet No. 193
Registration HMA 157
Route Hyde
Expected September
Cat No. 26807
Vehicle Leyland Tiger Duple Half Cab Coach
Operator Barton Transport
Fleet No. 482
Registration HAL 656
Route 7 Wales
Expected September
Cat No. 30711
Vehicle AEC Renown Bus
Operator Greater Manchester P.T.E.
Fleet No. 1924
Registration AJA124B
Route 358 Hayfield
Expected September
Cat No. 33702
Vehicle ERF KV 2 Axle Box Van Lorry
Operator Steventon (Royal Venton China)
Fleet No. --
Registration 999 NVT
Cargo None
Expected September
Cat No. 34106
Vehicle AEC RT Bus
Operator London Transport (Green)
Fleet No. RT4547
Registration OLD 767
Route 803 Express Welwyn Garden City Stn
Expected September
Cat No. 35005
Vehicle AEC Mark V Articulated Flatbed Lorry
Operator British Steel Corporation
Fleet No. 63
Registration 115 MV
Cargo Steel Girders
Expected September
Cat No. 35305
Vehicle 36' 6 Bay BET Bus (Twin Lamps)
Operator Southdown
Fleet No. 144
Registration EUF144D
Route 30 Haywards Heath
Expected September
You can view the trade release sheet at

Tuesday 23 August
10 Years Ago
I started the EFE Zone site in 2004 so I thought I'd travel back a bit further in time and have a look at what was being released by the OO scale die-cast model bus manufacturer's back in August 2001.

Britbus had yet to release a model and CMNL had only released a handful of oriental items meanwhile ABC models short existence was about end as it released it's final three models.
Here's a run down of all the models that were hitting the shelves of model shops and the stalls at swap meets in August 2001.

ABC Models

TRA5002 Black Prince (red & yellow livery) - Volvo Aslia Alexander
TRA5006 Black Price (blue & white livery) - Volvo Aslia Alexander
UM-002 A.1. Service - Volvo Aslia Alexander

Creative Master Northcord

HKBUS1002 New World First Bus (Ultra Heros Livery) - Volvo Super Olympian Alexander ALX500
JB1002 Tokyu Bus - Mitsubishi Fuso KC-MP747K

Exclusive First Editions

10129 London Transport (Festival of Britain) - AEC RT Bus
26309 Bournemouth Corporation - Guy Arab II Utility
23204 Green Line (route 719) - Modernised AEC RF Coach
24811 London & Country - Mercedes Benz 709D Minibus
27306 Manchester Corporation - Leyland TD1 Enclosed Staircase

Corgi Original Omnibus Company

OM42403 King Alfred - Bedford VAL Plaxton Panorama Coach
OM45506 Midland Red (Coventry - London Motorway Express) - BMMO CM5T Coach
OM45603 West Midlands P.T.E. - BMMO D9 Bus
OM45604 Midland Red (Hall Green Stadium livery) - BMMO D9 Bus

Confirmed EFE Releases
The following models have now been released by EFE.

24502 Newcastle Transport - Leyland Atlantean Alexander Double Deck Bus
25811 Western S.M.T. - Daimler Fleetline DMS Double Deck Bus

OOC Future Releases
Corgi has announced that several OOC models will be released during the first half of September.
Corgi has indicated some of these models are now "sold out", all available stock has been allocated to retailers. These are marked with a # below.

Week Ending September 10th

OM41225A National Express West Midlands (5 Birmingham) - Wright Gemini Eclipse (600 pieces #)
OM41225B National Express West Midlands (5 Solihull Station) - Wright Gemini Eclipse (600 pieces #)

OM42412A Western Welsh (Brighton & Teignmouth) - Plaxton Panorama Mark I Coach (340 pieces #)
OM42412B Western Welsh (Royal Ascot) - Plaxton Panorama Mark I Coach (460 pieces)

Week Ending September 17th

OM46211A Greyhound ‘Sweet Caroline’ (Swansea) - Scania Irizar PB Coach (500 pieces)
OM46211B Greyhound ‘Sweet Caroline’ (Cardiff) - Scania Irizar PB Coach (500 pieces)

and a reminder that the following is due during the week ending 3rd September.

OM46112 Shearings Holidays - Plaxton Panther Coach

Sunday 14 August
Next EFE Releases
This pair of models will be released by EFE during the week ending the 27th August.

24502 Newcastle Transport - Leyland Atlantean Alexander Double Deck Bus
25811 Western S.M.T. - Daimler Fleetline DMS Double Deck Bus
Release Information kindly supplied by

Thursday 18 August
Confirmed Atlas Editions Release
The following model is the latest release in the Atlas Editions Great British Buses Series.

GBB18 Ribble Motor Services - Burlingham Seagull Coach.

Wednesday 17 August
Confirmed CMNL Releases
The following commissioned models are now being mailed out by TTC Diecast.

UKBUS0032/1 Stagecoach Gold (Cheltenham Destination) - Scania N230UD Alexander Enviro400
UKBUS0032/2 Stagecoach Gold (Gloucester Destination) - Scania N230UD Alexander Enviro400

Monday 15 August
Next OOC Release
The following model is due to be released during the week ending the 3 September.

OM46112 Shearings Holidays - Plaxton Panther Coach

Sunday 14 August
London Bus Museum Open Day & Model
The London Bus Preservation Trust have announced the date of the first public Open Day at their new London Bus Museum at Brooklands in Surrey. The event will take place on Sunday the 23rd October and has been billed as "The very best of London Buses - a unique display", the event will feature line-ups of the very best and most authentically presented examples of the major London bus types from the horse-buses onwards.

The special EFE RF model 23320A that has been produced to mark the 60th Anniversary of the type and that was originally planned for release at the Spring Bus Gathering in April will also be available at this event.

Admission to the event will be £10 and this will also cover admission to the neighbouring Brooklands Museum and all it's attractions bar Concorde.

Further details about the event can be found on the LBPT website.

Regarding surplus examples of the recent commissioned model of RTL139. (36002B) I've been asked by the Steve Edmonds, HR Director and Trustee of the LBPT, to point out that the Museum phone number published by EFE in it's last newsletter and reproduced in my news item on 10 August, was in fact the old now defunct number for the former Museum building in Redhill Road. A phone connection to the new Museum building is expected to be installed shortly and the new number will be published on the Museum's website when it becomes active.

Friday 12 August
New Base Toys Model Photograph Released
John Ayrey Die-casts have released a photograph one of the delayed Base Toys models that was originally announced last year.

D-96 National Benzole - Leyland Super Comet Tanker

Thursday 11 August
Sunstar Model Releases
Sunstar have been busy and have now released the following 1/24 scale bus & coach models in the UK.
The following five are all general releases.

H2916 Big Pink Sightseeing AEC Routemaster (RM686 / WLT686/ Route 18) - L/E of 500 models

H2924 London Transport 1946 AEC RT Bus (RT7 / FXT182 / Route 28) - L/E of 628 models

H2925 London Transport 1948 AEC RT Bus (RT597 / HLX414 / Route 301) - L/E of 768 models

H2926 London Transport 1948 Leyland RTL Bus (RTL501 / JXC20 / Route 91) - L/E of 768 models

H5012 Bowles Coaches 1949 Bedford OB Duple Vista Coach (LDF833)

Additionally the Modelzone's special commissioned Sunstar RMC model has also been taken into stock and can be ordered from the company's website.

H2915 East London Buses AEC RMC Routemaster (RMC1485 / 485CLT / Route X15) - L/E of 639 models

Wednesday 10 August
Latest EFE Newsletter
EFE's latest Subscriber's newsletter arrived today and contains the following more detailed update on the progress of the new tooling illustrated in yesterday's posting.

Tooling Update
"The first shots of the Single Deck Routemaster have arrived and they look very good it will make a splendid addition to our range with just a little adjusting and polishing, the moulds can be released to start production. With the mould tooling underway, the next shots we are waiting to receive are those for the multi windowed Alexander Y type bus and Bristol version of the Y type. We have received the patterns for Bristol VR1 and flat fronted VR II and with a few comments the patterns have been released for mould tooling to start. We have taken photographs of the patterns which you can see in the Tooling Update on the rear of this months Issue 6 Release Sheet enclosed in this mailing. (see below)"

August Releases
EFE reports that their manufacturers in China have changed the order of production of some models which has caused havoc to the advertised release programme. The models due during August are now as follows:

The following models are the latest confirmed releases from EFE.

20451 Eastern National NBC (route 400) - Bristol VRT Series III Double Deck Bus
26410 London Transport (route 88) - Daimler Utility Double Deck Bus
29626 Barton - Leyland Olympian Double Deck Bus
34502 Marston Bricks - Bedford TK Short Tipper Lorry

Proposed Late August Releases

24502 Newcastle Corporation - Leyland Atlantean Alexander Double Deck Bus
25811 Western S.M.T. - Daimler Fleetline DMS Double Deck Bus

There are nine new models listed as forthcoming releases but no further details are provided.
26411 S.H.M.D. Board (Stalybridge, Hyde, Mossley & Dukinfield Joint Transport) - Daimler Utility Bus
34106 London Transport (green) - AEC RT Bus
33702 Royal Venton - ERF 2 Axle Boxvan
14406 Southern Vectis N.B.C.
26807 Barton - Leyland Duple Coach
30711 Greater Manchester P.T.E. AEC Renown B
35005 British Steel Corporation- AEC Mark V Articulated Flatbed
35305 Southdown - BET 36' 6 Bay Dual Purpose Coach
20452 Ribble N.B.C. - Bristol VR III

Special Models
Cobham Bus Museum
If you wish to enquire about any surplus of the special members only RTL released in July by the Museum, you can contact the museum directly on 01932 868665 on Wednesday only.
Update: I've been informed that the phone number published by EFE is in fact the now defunct one for the old Redhill Road Museum and that the new Museum building is still awaiting a new phone line. When it is connected the number will be published on the Museum's website at

London Transport Museum
EFE have produced special model for the LT Museum which features RLH42 in green livery on route 336 to Chesham. Details of this model and several other future EFE specials can be found on the Museum site's new Collectors Club section.
Orders are now being accepted on the site for the forthcoming pair of Green Line gift sets 15A & 15B which both contain the new CRL4 prototype Routemaster model and either an RC or RCL coach.

EFE Subscriber Only Special Models
EFE are planning to release two special low volume models for their subscribers, one features an open top Bristol VR III in Cornish Fairways livery while the other will be a Guy GS in NostalgiaBus livery. More details will be published in the next newsletter.
Details of how to join the Subscriber's club can be found on EFE's official website.
Courtesy of EFE, a PDF version of the latest Release Sheet plus smaller scans of the sheets
Release Sheet Issue 6 2011 Scan  New Model Tooling Scan
Click Here for PDF Version (4.4mb)
Sutton United FC DMS Last Chance To Buy
Peter Coe of London Bus Retail has spoken to Bruce Elliott and he has confirmed that just six examples of the recent Code 3 DMS model are now left.

The model was featured in my May 16th News report and cost £35.00 + £3.00 p&p, (£38.00).
You can check the availability of the model by emailing: as soon as possible'
Cheques payable to Sutton United FC should be sent to Bruce Elliott 27 Warren Road, Banstead, Surrey SM7 1LG.

50th Anniversary RML

The Routemaster Association is now posting out the RML model (31907) to customers, a covering letter from the Associations Membership Secretary David Cooper explains that the delayed dispatch has been the result of the original advertisements appearing before the certificates and models had been delivered, these & the book then all had to wrapped, invoiced and payments taken. This process was further interrupted by a family holiday.

Monday 8 August
EFE New Tooling Photographs
EFE have released some photographs showing the tooling patterns for the forthcoming Bristol VR1, the Bristol RE Alexander Y Type Coach & Y Type Bus.
EFE have confirmed the Bristol VR I and new flat front VR2 models will be one piece castings. The tooling patterns illustrated below were received earlier this year by EFE so they could make comments and final tweaks.

Saturday 6 August
Four Confirmed Britbus Releases
The following models have now been released in the UK.
I've received a number of reports which seem to indicate there are some widespread quality issues affecting this latest batch of models. Loose rear wheels being the must common problem reported so far.

AE-06A C.I.E. (AR 295/Destination: Drogheda) AEC Regent III Park Royal
AE-06B C.I.E. (AR 301/Destination: 29 St Annes Estate) AEC Regent III Park Royal
GL10A W. Alexander & Sons Ltd (RO600/Destination: 14B High Valleyfield) Guy Arab III Park Royal
GL10B W. Alexander & Sons Ltd (RO600/Destination: 305 Townhill) Guy Arab III Park Royal

Monday 1 August
Next EFE Releases
The following models are expected to be released by EFE during the week ending the 13 August.

20451 Eastern National NBC (route 400) - Bristol VRT Series III Double Deck Bus
26410 London Transport (route 88) - Daimler Utility Double Deck Bus
29626 Barton - Leyland Olympian Double Deck Bus
34502 Marston Bricks - Bedford TK Short Tipper Lorry
Release Information kindly supplied by

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